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  Mabinogion 01:36 16 Apr 2009

Sorry for being a bit dull (59 yr old Granny) but I have just bought a T/Tom XL 30-series Uk&ROI ~ and only just getting used to it after borrowing my son's T/T One XL once or twice but on installing the T/T Home on my Pc I noticed that the 'safety cameras' section says it gives a free installation only once then you have to pay for the updates etc well I assume that this was done on first logging in etc (it says one application is installed on this device) but having used the T/T today and on going passed a fixed speed camera it didn't show up on the screen or give a sound as I thought it would but on saying that this particular speed camera has only just been replaced after being taken away owing to the road being resurfaced a while ago and was absent for quite a few months but has been replaced a few weeks back so would that have made any difference?
There is nothing in the settings to 'give warning sound on approaching speed cameras' but everthing else ~ so any advice please?

  laurie53 07:30 16 Apr 2009

Why do you need warning of speed cameras?

Are you in breach of the law?

  ^wave^ 10:55 16 Apr 2009

go to tom tom plus account on the tomtom it should give the option there to disable or enable the feature. i use the option all the time as with modern cars a slight touch of the throttle can put you over the limit. i also use the speeding audible warning to again a good reminder if you stray over the limit. one should have there eyes on the road not looking at speedos and for cameras all the time this way the accidents should drop

  anchor 15:28 16 Apr 2009

laurie53: There is not need for comments like that; the lady is asking a reasonable question.

Firstly, the device comes with some preinstalled cameras but is likely to be out of date. You get one free update when you first connect via Home.

Yes you do have to pay for keeping them up to date. A new data base is issued weekly, and costs £1.95 for a 1 years subscription. Installing the updates is child play using "Home". It does it automatically.

click here

Many people say that the data provided by Pocket GPS is superior, but it`s not quite so easy to update; (its not automatic).

click here

This may help you to enable audible alerts to cameras

click here

On my Go920, this is what I do:

go to Main menu page 3 / TomTom Plus Services / TomTom Safety Cameras / Change Warning Preferences / All (or you can do each type individually) / Set the warning time and then the next page allows you to choose a sound effect alert.

  anchor 15:29 16 Apr 2009

I mis-typed the cost of the TomTom camera subscription it should be £15.95.

  Mabinogion 15:55 16 Apr 2009

Thankyou to Wave and Anchor I will follow your advice and see how it all works, as I mentioned above I am quite new to all this and am finding my way around and with your help I will know where to look.

And as for Laurie 53's remarks 'Why do you need warning of speed cameras?
Are you in breach of the law? ~

You sound as stupid as your remarks ~ of course I am not going to break the law, the reason for my question is that I wanted to know how it works as I mentioned above in my question ~ the sound or icon didn't come on to the screen when approaching a speed camera (where I was well within the limit) ~ so by asking the relevant people who would know and would help (not you ofcourse) I would get a reasonable answer!
Thanks everyone else.

  laurie53 20:03 16 Apr 2009

"You sound as stupid as your remarks"

I probably am. I found the damn bleeps such a nuisance every few miles that I deleted the camera databases for a bit of peace.

So the problem you're trying to eliminate is one I deliberately introduced!

  Rayle 17:28 20 Apr 2009

PGPSWorld has many Tom Tom users who can give free advice and help.

Have a read at click here

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