New Sony media centre problem

  kinger 13:05 16 Mar 2006

I have just installed the Sony Vaio XL-100, the new lounge media centre.

On booting to view on my LCD TV the picture is fine, I see the Vaio logo, then the 'Intel inside' logo and finally the Windows XP logo complete with the blue line running along.

However, when it actually gets to the desktop the picture goes haywire with white lines all over it and dots.

I can just make out the background but it is unreadable.

I have connected the system using Component to Component connections which is how Sony suggest if you haven't got HD TV.

After checking with Panasonic (TV manufacturer) they suggest a converter to convert the signal from Component to SVGA but the supplier of the converter says that it is a resolution problem with the Sony Media centre and not in converting the signal.

My local Sony Centre say that their unit is connected in exactly the same way as mine and works fine.

So how do I change the resolution without having a screen to see it on after boot up.

I can get BIOS and Recovery up and have tried both but is there a way to tell the unit to boot to the correct resolution of my TV?

Sorry to waffle on but I needed to tell you everything.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


  anchor 16:35 16 Mar 2006

I am sorry I have no answer for you. However, your local Sony centre is just a franchised retail store, and may not have the knowledge you require.

I suggest contacting Sony themselves; they should be able to help. All contact details here:

click here

  kinger 19:09 16 Mar 2006

Thanks for your reply.

Sony have been 'phoned but they did the usual stuff of recovery, BIOS default settings which, unfortunately, didn't work.

They said they'd call me back but they forgot. I called them and they got me to do a full recovery, not just drive C, but that didn't work either. They said they'd call me back but didn't.

I called them a third time and so we went through it again and they're going to call me back tomorrow.

I just need to be able to set the resolution without going into Windows OS, which I can't do.

This is so annoying as I know what the problem is but can't get to the settings.

Thanks again.

  Minkey1 22:55 16 Mar 2006


Did you buy your XL-100 from a local Sony Centre, or other retail store ? If so, would you be able to take it back, connect to a similar spec LCD TV to your Panasonic, and set the display/graphics qualities there ? Appreciate this may not be an option if you bought it online.

Alternatively, can you get it to boot into safe mode, and get a basic display you can at least read ?

There must be a way round this, but other than the above...

Or, have you access to another TV/Monitor - just to see if the factory setting does produce something with another screen ?

Thinking caps on

  kinger 20:03 17 Mar 2006

Sorry for the delayed reply, been at work.

I purchased it online.

Can't boot into safe mode as I haven't got into Windows for the first time yet It doesn't give you the option (F8 gives boot order options)

To get into safe mode I switch off the unit while it's halfway through booting which causes the 'Windows did not shut down properly' message and then I get the option of safe mode.

When I attempt safe mode I get message 'Windows is not yet fully installed ... etc..

This is simply because it's a brand new system and needs to boot fully to be fully installed.

It only accepts DIGITAL monitors and I have not got one of those so can't set it up on that.

There MUST be a way to alter the resolution to a lower setting without actually going in to Windows. But what could it be?

  kinger 20:20 17 Mar 2006

..on a call received from them today.

Did the recovery cure the problem? I'd already told them 'no' on a previous call but, after he checked with someone else, told me to press the 'Fn' button while pressing either 7 or 8 on booting. But, needless to say, that didn't work either.

I've got a Windows XP original disk and a Windows 98 Startup disk, does anyone know of a way of altering the resolution that the system boots into, maybe using these disks, in order to get the display working on the TV?

Apparently, the system is trying to boot into a resolution that the TV doesn't support, so If it is altered to a lower resolution, it should work.

But, how do I do it?

  kinger 21:22 17 Mar 2006

Sony say they will call me again, once they think of another possible solution.

Unless, of course, someone out there knows better (smile).

  Minkey1 22:06 17 Mar 2006


Take it you've tried your on-line retailer for suggestions ? This is a high end piece of kit so they ought to be ready to help !

From the specs on Sony Style the XL 100 has S-Video out and coax out. Have you tried these to see if some sort of display is visible (on any TV), if only as a temporary measure to get a display and complete the installation ?

Other than the above and Club Vaio click here I'm all idea'rd out, but can't help feeling there's an obvious solution that we just haven't thought of !

Good luck, let us know how you get on.



  kinger 22:26 17 Mar 2006

There is no s-video out only 'in'. I would have enjoyed this along with an analogue monitor out too. But this is going 'backwards' according to Sony so they only have component out and HDMI connections for LCD TV or Plasma screens.

When I speak with Sony on the phone it's not a true technical guy, just a person reading possible answers off of a screen which is frustrating.

If I had a digital monitor I could connect to that as they do supply an adaptor to convert the HDMI to digital out socket.

I agree with you that there is a simple solution but I just can't think of it right now.

Thanks for your reply Minkey1, I'll wait for anyone else's suggestion.

  kinger 22:30 17 Mar 2006

I wrote an email to the retailer two days ago (SonyStyle) but, as yet, no reply.

  kinger 12:31 18 Mar 2006

Sony never called back, surprise, surprise (twice now they said they'd call but didn't).

So I called them this morning. They don't take calls Saturday's, a message revealed.

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