teacher lmb 21:12 18 Dec 2005

Any advice on which option - to save space in my son's room, should I buy a new slimline monitor for his pc along with a tv card or do I buy an lcd tv to use as a monitor. I am looking at 19/20 inch approx £300- £350. He plays games and watches dvds, and would like the option to watch some digital tv services. He also wants to use his PS2 through it.

  DieSse 22:29 18 Dec 2005

If you buy an LCD TV

1) You can use it to waitch TV without using the computer

2) The PS/2 will plug straight into it

3. It'll alraedy have speakers

4) but you will need a seperate digital TV box (Sky or Freeview)

5) Make sure you get one that is also suitble for use as a PC monitor - some cheaper ones aren't.

If you buy a monitor

1) You will need a TV tuner card

2) You will need a monitor with speakers or you will need to buy speakers.

3) Ypou will need to have the computer running to watch TV

4) I have no idea how you would connect a PS/2 up to it.

Personally the LCDTV option seems easier to me.

  007al 22:45 18 Dec 2005

Its out of stock,but this could be your answer click here

  DieSse 22:53 18 Dec 2005

Good idea - I didn't realise there were small LCDTVs with freeview built in. That's an ideal solution IMO.

To make sure you get a good Freeview signal in a second location, you can't just *split* the aerial cable in the normal way- there will be too much loss.

I recommend you get a powered splitter (which has an amplifier in it) marked as suitable for digital.

  007al 23:06 18 Dec 2005

Something i found out recently,is that too strong a signal can be a downfall too.I have an SLx powered splitter with a dial to make the signal weaker or stronger.I turned it up to full strength and had problems receiving all channels clearly.
I turned it down to minimum and it was fine,and 20% stronger according to the signal detection on my freeview box.

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