new ipod user - voice control

  sheila.weston 16:24 07 Jul 2011

When I turn on my new ipod touch I get a screen saying 'voice control' before the screen showing the 'slide to unlock' comes up. What is the voice control screen for and can I bypss it? I have a voice problem, in any case and it is rather rubbing it in!

  Crosstrainer2 07:34 08 Jul 2011

Yep, Tap settings > and locate voice control, swipe to off!

  sheila.weston 12:51 08 Jul 2011

How do I find it? I have looked under 'Sounds', 'General' and several others, but it doesn't seem to be there.

  Crosstrainer2 13:20 08 Jul 2011

You've ticked resolved box, I guess you found it?

  sheila.weston 18:28 08 Jul 2011

Very sorry, I ticked in error. No, I still can't find it. What is it under?

  Crosstrainer2 04:26 09 Jul 2011

This is for the phone, but is the same, also links for the iPod touch here too!

Should help, thread must have ticked itself....LOL!

  sheila.weston 19:57 09 Jul 2011

May I add a ps to this? I had problems understanding the utube page mentioned and think that I have sorted this out using the page at

  Crosstrainer2 21:28 09 Jul 2011

Glad your sorted out. Don't forget the Apple Communities sites, we won't bite :))

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