New digibox buzzing noise

  pozzydrive 11:10 13 Oct 2006

I'm new to the forum,just bought a freeview digibox, have had others in the past they only ever seem to last about a year and a half before breaking down, anyway my problem is that I've recently bought three so far and have had to take them back as they all make a buzzing noise, some more than others, never had this problem before and still in the same house, it seems like interference, have just read an article on this site about interference from motor vehicles etc, but like I've said never a problem before could it just be some sets are more prone than others and if so can I fit something to the set top box to prevent this annoyance.

  DieSse 23:14 13 Oct 2006

*as they all make a buzzing noise*

Do you mean the box itself buzzes (vibrates)?

Or that the sound output has a buzz on it?

Are you connecting to it with a SCART cable? - connections via aerial leads can very easily get buzzes on the sound, from poor tuning and from interference from channels on close frequencies (and from mis-setups inside the modulator in the box itself).

  pozzydrive 10:45 14 Oct 2006

I don't know if it vibrates but the box certainly makes a noise, its hard to describe, like I said it buzzes, another way of describing it would be a buzzing chatter, I know it sounds daft but thats the only way I can explain it, its intermittant so doesn't happen constantly, definitly interference a bit like old car radios when the vehicle doesn't have a suppressor fitted, maybe some conflict with another electronic device, I'm sorry thats all I really know and its driving me scatty, anyway thanks for at least replying.



  DieSse 00:06 15 Oct 2006

But what's actually buzzing - the box itself - or the sound from the box on the TV?

If you touch the box can you feel the vibration? - perhaps the cover's a bit rattly?

If the buzzing is on the sound on the V - are you using a SCART?

If you are using a SCART try another oner - bad sheilding/ground connections can cause interference on the sound.

Really you have to find out first what "thing" is actually making the noise - thw box or the TV sound.

  pozzydrive 14:02 15 Oct 2006

Hi DieSse

It was the sound from the set top box through the television, the box did not vibrate, however I've now taken the box back for a refundwill try to get the same box I had before, thanks for your help though it was much appreciated.


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