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  LANDCRUISER 13:46 08 Dec 2008

hi all, got my new camera last week nikon d300,after checking prices on the net the lowest price i found was £1345 with the 55-200mm lense & just by chance i was passing currys & thought i have a look at their prices & was able to knock £300 app off the lowest net price so it pays to check your shops as well,i would like to thank everyone for there help,& yes its as good as you said it would be

  hssutton 22:13 08 Dec 2008

£1300 appears to be the correct price for this combo, or are you saying you paid £1045. Although I use Canon gear I can tell you that this is one superb camera, so go and enjoy.

I do hope that you have a shorter focal length lens as well as the the 55-200 as 55mm is rather long on a 1.5 crop camera

  LANDCRUISER 09:19 09 Dec 2008

hi hssutton,yes you are correct,i did not think i would get it cheaper than the internet but i did.i have just been using on auto settings until i read the book,i been looking on web to see if i can find a good site that shows movie clips, as it so much easer than reading the book,do you have any?

  hssutton 10:43 09 Dec 2008

There are quite a few mini tutorials on youtube.

click here

Maybe worth spending a little time viewing some of them. There are a number of commercial DVDs if you do a search. You could spend a little of what you saved and buy one:)

Must agree with you that video tutorials are far better initially than the written word. The manuals for my cameras are still unopened in their original packaging.

  ventanas 11:30 09 Dec 2008

This lens click here for an example is excellent for a wide angle-normal zoom, and is now a lot less that I paid fot it a few months back.

  hssutton 15:30 09 Dec 2008

My friend who uses the D300 and also lectures in digital photography recommends the following books

click here.

click here.

For the really serious user this is the one to buy

click here

  exdragon 19:42 09 Dec 2008

I've got the D300 and agree that David Busch's book is excellent -there's just so much in it, and so many settings you can tweak.

If you do change anything, make a note of what it was and what you've changed it to - I've had a ocuple of scares whaen I'd forgotten what I'd done...

The camera, together with the Nikon 18-200 VR plus the Sigma 10-20 seem to cover most things. Oh - plus my other half's macro if I need it! Knew there was a reason I went for Nikon rather than Canon!

  esbe 23:35 09 Dec 2008

I find this site quite handy.

click here


  LANDCRUISER 12:21 10 Dec 2008

hi there,thank you all for your comments,at the moment i only have 55mm-200mm lense but with xmas round the corner i might get some more & regarding the lenses clip looks good at that price & now with the credit crunch it may be even cheaper,the books could be a way forward,i allready found the reset buttons to reset to default settings,given time im sure i get the hang of it,it reminds me when i got my om1,i knew nothing about that but soon got a grip of om1, thanks again

  ventanas 21:36 10 Dec 2008

Ah! memories, the OM1, probably the best camera I ever had, it taught me all I know thirty years ago. I eventually moved up to an OM2SP and thought that was superb as well.
I don't know quite where Olympus went wrong, but they brought out some very strange cameras through the 80s and 90s.

  LANDCRUISER 23:12 10 Dec 2008

yes they were great cameras,i still have mine,could not part with it because of great moments & places i whent with it,it must be thirty yrs old now & still works perfectly well,they seemed to fall by the wayside when digital came to the forefront but wernt they great.

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