Needing a new gaming laptop for about £1000-ish?

  SupaDashi 21:41 23 Nov 2006

I'm hoping to get a gaming laptop for Christmas, and I need some precise specs. If possible a built in wireless card, 1 or 2 gigs of RAM and if possible a dual core CPU and an express upgrade to Vista (that last one can be scratched possibly). Do you have any idea where I could manage to get one? I look at some Alienware PC's, but the things I want knock the price up a bit. Any ideas?

  hzhzhzhz 22:44 23 Nov 2006
  Kate B 23:27 23 Nov 2006

Does it have to be a laptop? You'll get better value for money and of course upgradeability with a desktop.

  SupaDashi 07:39 24 Nov 2006

I need it to be a laptop because I dont have the room for a second desktop and I like portability

  tammer 21:40 24 Nov 2006

I use my Evesham laptop to play games and it's very good. I recommended them to a colleague and he's has a similar one to this model:

click here

and is very happy with it.

You might struggle to play the most recent and demanding games on a laptop though.

  Jake_027 02:09 25 Nov 2006

click here

They seem very good value.

click here

I plan to get the Asus A7Jc myself after christmas, so if you decide to get one from mesh, let us know what its like.


  SupaDashi 19:45 25 Nov 2006

Thanks for the great responses! Unfortunately, my parents don't want me to wipe out at least a decade of savings on a laptop that will apparently "be out of date within 6 months" and instead want to buy me a £600 one! And they think my expensive laptop will be out of date! Anyway, I found myself a Dell XPS and managed to customise it to get the same sort of specs I wanted, and that was about £1,300 (it's got the same sort of specs as the Mesh linked to above, but the processor is an T7200). What do you reckon I should do about my parents otherwise? (since I really need a laptop, this Dell Desktop that I use for gaming is aging rather quickly, and they're funny about upgrades :S)

  Jake_027 23:14 25 Nov 2006

Can you give us some examples (graphics card, processor model numbers) as to what you want, then we can help a bit more. Depending on where you shop you get different prices. For example a dell and and acer can have very similar specs but the dell can cost up to £150 more.



  Bucko1 17:17 27 Nov 2006

I've recently bought an Acer Aspire 5103WLmi from here click here

I am very pleased with it. It looks great, performs fantastically and the price and spec are what you're looking for. It also has a free upgrade to Vista offered. Check it out!!

  tammer 21:17 27 Nov 2006

That laptop is fine for internet surfing and office use but it would struggle to play pacman.

The Dell quoted by hzhzhzh is around £1500 for the model you're after so it's up to you kid - a laptop from Evesham that can play Battlefield 2 with the settings turned down a bit or the Acer and an Xbox 360 or PS3.

  crosstrainer 15:16 28 Nov 2006

I agree with Buck01, I have recently bought an acer aspire, does everthing you need, comes with MCE and a 128 ATI graphics card... I did upgrade the ram to 2gb and paid 649... not a bad deal at all, it's true to say that the most demanding of games will need to be run in lower resoloutions, IE: FEAR, DOOM etc, but I tend to run these on an sli machine with a dual core fx cpu and 2x 7600 gt cardsd.... not fair to compare that to a laptop.

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