Need advice on Editing Software

  affiatati7 15:17 05 Nov 2008


I would like to download a userfriendly video editing program that will allow me to do the following;

1- Edit and burn MPEG-4 video files, recorded from an Olympus digital camera, stored on my computer hard drive onto a DVD

2- Add titles and transitions

I have downloaded several programs from CNET , however, they do not play my MPEG-4 video files.

Although I am a retired videographer , using SVHS edting with a Toaster (ancient technology), I don't have too much experience with non-linear editing so I would prefer a simple program.

Any suggestions?


  Les28 17:27 05 Nov 2008

Don, how are you viewing the videos now on your pc? With you saying you'd downloaded several progs from CNET but they didn't play your files, I was wondering how you view them on your pc?

I have VLC media player assigned as the program to play them on my pc, I think you have to tick mp4 box when installing VLC, but I think you also need Quicktime for windows on your pc as well, if I'm wrong I'm sure someone will put me right as I'm no expert on mpeg4 and I think it comes in a few varieties.

As regards editing you could try Arcsoft Showbiz DVD a simple enough program to use, you could try a free trial download and see if it accepts input of mpeg4 files.

I see a lot about converting from mpeg4 to avi then editing, using something like MP4Cam2AVI to convert, but I think a lot of vid editing progs will accept direct input of mpeg4 for editing.

Something like the free Gspot utility may tell you more detail about the files if need be, Les.

  affiatati7 18:35 05 Nov 2008

Thank you for responding. My computer has Quicktime installed and that is how I can view the MPEG-4 files from the puter. When I tried viewing the same files through editing programs I downloaded from CNET they either don't play or I get an error message. Probably like you said that most editing software does not support MPEG-4 and that I will have to transfer files to AVI, then edit and burn them onto DVD.

  Les28 20:11 05 Nov 2008

Maybe as you said you could convert using MP4Cam2AVI or perhaps using the free Super converter from erightsoft and edit the avi in most video editing progs, maybe even in Windows Movie Maker.

This free trial here says it accepts mpeg-4 file input, don't know whether it's worth a try, unless you've already tried it.

click here

I think I read when using some of these vid editing progs with mpeg-4 input when selecting from File/Open or input media files menu make sure that show all files is displayed in the browser box, otherwise the mpeg-4 files mightn't be shown for selection.

Seems a bit of a nuisance having to convert before editing, I'm lucky my Sony digital camera saves movies in mpeg format so I can blend them in with my DV-AVI or mpeg2 captures.

Good luck anyway, Les.

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