kissanpoika 15:36 23 Sep 2005

Has anyone got a Nano yet? If so, what do you think?

I'm considering buying one but may wait a while to see if any problems with it surface. However, it does look pretty nice!

  powerless 18:46 23 Sep 2005

Yeah I got one, the black 4GB beauty!

It's great I guess, the only thing going for it is that it's SUPER tiny! From Apple and gorgeous in yer hand!

However it's not cheap and some users have had bad scratches [although that might not be the nano, more user heavy hands] [email protected][email protected]" title="[email protected][email protected]" TARGET="_new">click here

  powerless 18:47 23 Sep 2005
  vinnyT 11:18 24 Sep 2005

Thanks for that Powerless, I like kissanpoika, want one of these, but will wait until my minidisk finally breaks (maybe I'll drop it a few times).

I don'y normally go in for the hype of new products, but the nano does look superb and gets some great reviews too.

Of course, by then they'll prob have some new superduper gadget to buy.

  vinnyT 11:41 24 Sep 2005

Ps. until they've sorted the scratch probs, I'm not going to be dropping my minidisk, again, thanks to Powerless.

Here's what the register has to say 'iPod Nano owners in screen scratch trauma' click here

  sharkfin 20:59 24 Sep 2005

Hi, my cousin has a new Black nano, and it does look really nice but its also really small and personally, I feel its too expensive for the size of it. When holding it, it doesnt make me feel that I have a proper Ipod in my hand and so I feel I've wasted money. I'd rather get the original Ipod or Ipod mini. lol.

  PC Advisor. 18:27 26 Sep 2005


Just in case you hadn't seen this:

Nano screen fault alert
click here

  wolfie3000 21:07 26 Sep 2005

i never saw the point of the ipod cause its way to expencive and you can get great mp3 players cheaper i think cause its more of a fashion statement that there so expencive and i dont like the controls on them.

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