Is my STB Okay?

  ened 16:49 26 Jan 2008

Recently I bought a Freeview Box from Argos.

It last thirty minutes before it died!

I took it back to Argos and they only had one model left in the shop: Hitachi HDB71.

The manager agreed that if I was in anyway unhappy with it she would change it when they restock.

My problem is knowing if there is anything wrong or if the (small) problems are being caused by other factors.

This is what happens:
The picture is always good but there is a tendency to drop sound, which can happen up to half a dozen times an hour.

I have a Widescreen TV and some television programmes (ie. The local News programme) if they don’t fill the screen are not: a) situated right in the centre and b) not square; The left and right sides of the picture bend in at the top.

According to the (Freeview) website about the only extra channel I can definitely receive is Channel 5. In reality I have found that is about the only channel I cannot get.

I can change this box if I wish but do not want to do so if these problems are caused by the signal.

Can anyone advise?

  alB 17:22 26 Jan 2008

Some good info on this here ...alB

  ened 17:54 26 Jan 2008

I've read through that but nowhere does anyone mention this business about a programme in 4:3 in which the sides taper out towards the top.

I don't think my channel 5 problem is caused by a conflict with the DVD recorder because I connect it via a scart.

I do believe the dropping sound issue is a problem with interference in the signal but would like someone to confirm.

Also I can find no reviews of this particular box anywhere, so would appreciate any comments if anyone else has one.

  ened 18:30 26 Jan 2008

Do you think someone with experience in this area could either put my mind at rest or tell me to change my box?

  100andthirty 19:50 26 Jan 2008

if your widescreen TV is a CRT, the the curved edges of 4:3 images is in all probability a pincushion effect of the Tv and not the STB.

Also you should check that your scart leads have no loose connections - try a different lead and see if the sound problems go away.

As to channel 5, you should get your aerial checked out. Does the box display signal strength? If so you should see if some channels are weaker than others.

  oresome 15:56 28 Jan 2008

The sound drop out is likely to be due to impulse interference.

Several times per hour could be due to a busy road outside or an appliance like your fridge turning on.

You need a digital approved aerial which will have a balun fitted and good quality coax to minimise the effect.

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