My MP3 player acts like its full but 290Mb remain!

  Bansaw 21:23 14 Aug 2006

I have a NAPA MP3 player, allegedly 1GB.

I have 290Mb free and its complaining if I try and copy anything else to it!

If I want new songs on, I've got to delete others off to free up "space".

Any ideas?

ps: my lock button is in the right position!

  FelixTCat 22:24 14 Aug 2006


Go nuclear - copy all the contents to your pc, clear the player and copy them all back.



  HXP 14:18 20 Aug 2006

click here

Can't vouch for this as I haven't got one of these players but worth a try so it is at your own discression ( however did similar to my sons MPP3 player

Any Problems With Napa MP3 Players The Following Should Sort It:

1) Run the CD that came with it and install the drivers even if u have winodws xp. Eject the cd once drivers installed

2)Connect your mp3 as normal

2) Now open the following: (its a good idea to be connected to the internet so it can upgrade suitable firmware for your mp3 at this stage)

start>all programs>SigmaTEL MSCN Audio Player>Firmware Download

3)If you want to upgrade the firmware just click start then wait. If your having storage problems such as the "file cannot be created" error messafe or not all songs are being played/displayed/stored propperly tick format data area. (p.s make sure you backup data already on the player as all files on it will be erased at after clicking start)

4) Click 'Start' and wait until it finishes. This method should sort out most of your players problems its a good idea 2 do this roughly once a month.

5) Details of all this are in the readme document which is on the napa CD!! If the above doesnt sort your problem try formatting it with windows according to the napas guide instructions.

Good Luck!

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