My laptop cant find my wifi but can find neighbour

  SuperLizardMan 21:47 02 Mar 2016

My laptop (hp 250 g3) is finding all of my neighbours wifi but not my one. I have Windows 8.1

  mole44 05:22 03 Mar 2016

Others with better knowledge than i may have the answer but have you tried switching of the router and rebooting aster a couple of minutes,sometimes equipment gets in a twist and a reboot usually does the trick of a reset.

  alanrwood 10:26 03 Mar 2016

Is wireless disabled in the router setup.

  lotvic 19:00 03 Mar 2016

Yep, sounds like wireless is disabled on the router. Is the light on router lit up for Wireless? Is there a switch on the router? if not then connect via ethernet cable and look at the router setup homepage.

  Ashrich 12:55 14 Mar 2016

Do you have a wifi enabled smart phone or tablet you can use to check whether your wifi is visible , if it is you may need to delete your wireless profile in Windows and re-scan for available routers .

Sometimes profiles get a bit mixed up or become corrupt and need resetting .


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