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  Dicky Doo Dah 12:51 13 Nov 2005

Hi There, I seem to have a problem in copying odd music tracks to CD that will play on my CD Player. I am using ITunes or Windows Media 10.
These are not protected music but some very old made up music. I have tried recording this in both Wave and WMA but on every occasion it will play on my PC but when I enter the CD in my CD player I get the message "no disk".
Can anyone offer any help. I am not interested in MP3 but only to keep these particular tracks on a CD for my use. Thanks for any advice.

  Forum Editor 13:31 13 Nov 2005

will burn .wav and .wma files to CD, and in fact will convert other files types on the fly before recording, so you should have no problem.

It's not unknown for some CD players to display a 'No disc' or 'Error' message when confronted with home-produded CDs, and if that happens you can usually rectify it by using a different make of blank. Have you tried that?

  Dicky Doo Dah 16:40 13 Nov 2005

I am sorry but this does not solve. The strange thing is that I did this with ITunes a couple of weeks ago with no problems. I then upgraded to latest ITunes and have a problem. Could it be something with the recorded CD not being closed off properly?

  GaT7 18:01 13 Nov 2005

You may have to adjust settings/options in iTunes/WMP to burn an *audio* CD, as against a WMA/MP3/Data CD.

If still no joy, try the free CDBurnerXP Pro click here, DeepBurner click here, or FireBurner click here - & make sure to burn an *audio* CD. G

  Dicky Doo Dah 20:40 13 Nov 2005

Thanks To You All. Apart from The Big name CD maufacturers, this morning I purchased three blank CD'S from the POUND SHOP yes for £1.00.
I tried one and "Hooray" it worked. It may not last as long as the more expensive ones, but at least they work.
Again thanks for all your suggestions.

  Carbonara 00:27 14 Nov 2005

Tesco are doing a 'special' on CD-R discs, not sure if it is 10 or 25, but the price is £2.97

  Carbonara 00:30 14 Nov 2005

Actually it must be 25 - 'cos DVD-R and DVD+R discs are presently on offer for £2.97 for 10!

  jbp1982 18:53 14 Nov 2005

Yes, as far as I know they are discontinued, so hurry! They are quite good discs.

I got some to hold me over til I get to my normal place of purchase.

  GaT7 19:46 14 Nov 2005

I've recently used BenQ discs, purchased from click here (got 100 when they were £9.99, or 10p each), to burn several audio CDs. I managed 2 coasters but they were entirely my fault (or should I say Nero's stupidity). G

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