Multiple Sclerosis and PDAs

  Maladrina 09:18 01 Nov 2006

I was diagnosed with MS in March this year and have found I have problems with my memory, forgetting dates, tasks etc.
One of the solution to help me cope with this would be to use a PDA to keep track of my day to day stuff and to remind me of dates.
So, need to be able to link it up to my pc, some kind of MS Office programs (Word/Excel) would be handy other than that just the basic functions required (I have chubby fingers so button size not too small or all stylus work)
This would be for personally use rather than mainly business use, so cheap would be good too
Any suggestions gratefully recieved.

  bremner 14:20 01 Nov 2006

All Windows based PDA have the ability to sync with MS Outlook -which has been bundled with all the HP's I have seen.

This will sync all your calandar, contacts, files, tasks etc between a PC and the PDA.

click here

  sean-278262 17:54 01 Nov 2006

Palms are renound for being the best OS in the business. I have one mainly based upon the fact my sister has 2 and loves them. Simple interface and some models are a bargain.

You could look on ebay for a tungsten model. Some of the olderones are good and solid but quite cheap or alternatively wclick here have a nice range. As far as I understand all palms come with "documents to go" for viewing office files. They can also sync with outlook. The thing about office mobile I have heard is that it is a bit needlessly complex.

  bremner 19:20 01 Nov 2006

The Palms are also good, I used a Treo for a while.

Palm seem to be going the Windows route with their latest offerings click here

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