MSN Live Msgr Stopped Working

  belcanto 11:59 29 Dec 2008

Hello all, I hope that someone can help with this problem. Live messenger (the beta no 8 or 9 I think), up until recently it was working okay.

Since mid December, however I can log on but that is all it does, I cannot click on anything. It just seems to freeze...and do nothing else. The only way that I can get it too shut down is by doing an ctrl/alt & delete.

I have tried doing the uninstall/reinstall process but it does not seem to work.

So..has anyone got any ideas

  rdave13 14:48 29 Dec 2008

Try this, make sure WLM is not running. Use revo to uninstall it. Follow the instructions carefully; click here .
Reboot and install the latest non-beta version; click here

  belcanto 13:27 31 Dec 2008

Thanks to everyone for there help-got it sorted by following advice and reinstalling a non beta version of messenger.

Thanks once again and "Happy New Year" to everyone

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