Mp3 and WMA file size question

  Chris Webster 21:34 18 Aug 2006


This isn't a problem but just a question about the difference in file sizes between Mp3's and WMA's.

In a lot of adverts for mp3 players they always state how many mp3's or WMA files the player will hold for the given memory size of the player, e.g will hold 250 mp3's or 500 WMA's based on 4 minutes per track @ 128Kbps. Every advert I've seen always states that an mp3 player will hold twice as many WMA files as opposed to mp3 files.

I've done a bit of a test today ripping the same track to mp3 and then to WMA to see what the difference in file size is, the results were as follows,

Mp3 @ 128Kbps (using Sonic) file size = 3.47MB

Mp3 @ 96Kbps (using Sonic) file size = 2.60MB

WMA @ 128Kbps (using WMP 10) file size = 3.50MB

WMA @ 96Kbps (using WMP 10) file size = 2.63MB

The file sizes come out virtually the same so how can the adverts claim the player will hold twice as many WMA's, or have I missed something in the ripping process?

Cheers Chris.

  brundle 21:41 18 Aug 2006

because microsoft reckon a 64Kbps wma sounds as good as a 128Kbps mp3

  Chris Webster 21:56 18 Aug 2006


Thanks for the quick reply, I'll try one wma at 64 and the same one mp3 at 128 and see which one sounds better.

I always do my mp3's at 96Kbps and they all sound fine to me.

Cheers Chris.

  tenplus1 13:58 19 Aug 2006

I never use MP3 or WMA anymore, I tend to go towares Ogg Vorbis format which in my opinion sounds better and results in far smaller file-sizes...

Ogg @ 64Kbps (using CDex) file size = 2.01MB

Ogg @ 48Kbps (using CDex) file seze = 1.2MB

I use 48Kbps as it sounds good on my speakers and saves me tonnes of hard-drive space for my music collection.

  ade.h 14:08 19 Aug 2006

I really don't like the sound of compressed files; 192Kbits is about the minimum that I can stand, but I don't use a personal music player, headphones or tiny speakers, all of which limit the end product.

And yes, Ogg is a very good format if you have support for it. Jet Audio plays it and I believe that iRiver players support it.

  Chris Webster 22:44 19 Aug 2006

Thank you for all the input.

I put a wma file ripped at 64Kbps onto my mp3 player today and it sounded fine to me, but if you heard some of the music I listened to then you'd all probably say 0kbps would be good enough lolol.

Anyway I'm going to put any future tracks on in wma format @ 64Kbps.

Once again thanks everyone for the interesting info.

Cheers Chris.

  sweet_girluk 00:43 20 Aug 2006

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