mp3 backup software

  rockdoctor2 08:40 28 Oct 2008

I've got a 1 Tb external drive with about 720 Gb of mp3 files on it. The albums are all as seperate files and contain just mp3's (no covers etc). I need to backup these music files, preferably to be able to be put on to memory stick or burnt onto DVD.
Could anybody recommend the most suitable software to do this?

  canarieslover 09:37 28 Oct 2008

If you want to just back them up as mp3's then just burn data disks with Nero or similar. The files are no different to any other data files on you PC. To copy to memory sticks just use Windows Explorer though you will need a load of memory sticks for 720gb of files. It would be cheaper to buy another hard drive to copy to if it is just for the peace of mind of having a back-up.

  rockdoctor2 07:54 03 Nov 2008

The whole point of me asking about backup of my music collection is to avoid burning to disc, memory stick or new drive. The first 2 suggestions would also take me forever (and a lot of cash - There's 720 gig of mp3's!

  Pine Man 13:21 03 Nov 2008

Post 1.
'preferably to be able to be put on to memory stick or burnt onto DVD.'

Post 2.
'is to avoid burning to disc, memory stick or new drive.'

Seems to be a contradiction here. What exactly do you want to achieve?

  canarieslover 13:50 03 Nov 2008

Most people who use a computer would consider a back-up to be another copy of the file or files that is stored in a different place to the original. You can't achieve this state without additional storage of some type. MP3's are already compressed so you cannot get any savings with Winzip so your 750GB of files are going to need the same amount of storage space elsewhere. There is no software that will back-up the files without taking up storage space.

  rockdoctor2 08:13 04 Nov 2008

Got image creating software package

  canarieslover 08:30 04 Nov 2008

"Got image creating software package"

Yes this will do the job nicely, but it will still need a lot of disk space to back-up the image to.

  theDarkness 03:53 15 Nov 2008

if you cant be bothered throwing the lot onto a ridiculous number of dvds (ive just backed up the majority of my cd collection onto 10 dvds!)- then i would recommend you buy an external hard drive. It wont take forever to copy the lot onto it, to store away somewhere nice n safe :) just dont store it high where it can fall, and it will last. hard drives of a reasonable size with the amount of storage space they offer are cheap nowadays, even with external hd storage.

  theDarkness 03:58 15 Nov 2008

Oops didnt read full post, u already have one! Going back to sleep! :) ps thats ALOT of music. youll never get to finish listening to all that in one lifetime.. and I thought i had a big collection.. Lol ;)

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