Movies on a Palm TX

  Taurus 18:51 19 Jan 2008

Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for such a question, but I am having terrible trouble getting videos to play on my Palm TX. I have installed an up to date player on the Palm (MMPlayer)and reduced the files to as little as 16mb in size and the to correct resolution, but despite converting to many different formats including AVI, DivX and Mpeg4 I just get a message saying the file is 'to large or of an incompatible format'. Can anyone help? Even pointing me in the direction of an article or similar would be appreciated.


  puma22 20:41 20 Jan 2008

I've been trying to fathom this all day!

Here is a thread and it seems that it is possible
click here

I'm new to this, but it seems that the first thing to do is to get your DVD into the correct format. I'm currently trying with this click here
I use clone DVD to backup my DVDs and it works a treat, so am trying the mobile version to convert to the TX. There is a 21 day free trial (You also need to download ANYDVD, so isnt cheap). I dont have an SD card large enough so wont be able to report back on progress until it arrives via ebyer's cheapest delivery option. As soon as I have, I'll post back.

If you manage to get the TX to play video would really appreciate a post on it.

Good luck

  Taurus 20:33 21 Jan 2008

Many thanks puma22, sorry for the delay in responding. I will keep trying and if I have any luck I will post here. The thread looks promising though, I will follow that up. It does look asthough the player that is discussed there is discontinued, but I will keep trying.


  Demora 17:40 22 Jan 2008

This is one area I haven't bothered with on my T/X.

But I'm going to give it a go after reading this thread.

Thanks for reminding me I have this functionality.


  Taurus 20:43 22 Jan 2008

Demora, if you have any luck please post back so that puma22 and I can benefit, cheers.

  Demora 10:19 23 Jan 2008

I know that DVDFab Platinum has the ability to rip to various devices ie mobile phones and multimedia players. This is not freeware though it cost me $24. BUT as I use it for the odd dvd backup I did purchase it.

Will have a look this afternoon and see what I come up with.

Sorry for the delays to this post


  Demora 23:18 23 Jan 2008

Hi Taurus.

Well I now have 5 episodes of CSI Las Vegas on my T/x.

I loaded up DVDFab Platinum and clicked the PDA in the list. I then selected a dvd from the external hdd and it took about 14 minutes to shrink the dvd to palm size. (4.3gig to 132 MBs) This was saved in My docs/dvdfab.

I then loaded up Palm desktop and clicked media/add media. found the file from the docs folder and put it into the sdcard folder. Then Hotsynced with the T/X.

As I don't have any other player on the palm other than what came already in the box I did find that although the dvd is clear and the sound ok I cannot fit to screen.

I'm working on this though.

All in all though its been a learning curve for me so I hope it helps.

Also there is a video converter program out there called Super and I'm going to try that later.

Hope this is a start.


  Demora 23:22 23 Jan 2008

Also I have just noticed they have transfered Mirror image. Back to the drawing board.


  Taurus 13:28 24 Jan 2008

Thanks for the post Demora, sorry it took a while to get back. I have found a program that will shrink the files to fit the palm, called VirtualDubMod. It seems to work but as of yet I am unable to test it as I can't find a player, at least not a free one.There is a commercial player on the market, OpenCodec I believe it's called, but I'm reluctant to pay for it as I have had an immpossible time getting anything to work, and there is no facility to TBYB.

Out of curiosity, what player do you have on your TX?


  puma22 07:54 25 Jan 2008

well, yesterday the SD card turned up DOA. Ebuyer were brilliant though and another one is winging its way to me today.

One issue I have with clone DVD mobile is the size of the file. I copied the new Bourne ultimatum film and have ended up with a file 519 MB. Does this sound OK for a film length file? It also took a long time to rip it; can't remeber how long but somewhere over half an hour. I will take more notice of this next time

The other thing I am struggling with is settings. In clone mobile, there is a list of devices to choose from. Chose Palm TX but then I can choose the resolution either 320X180 or 480X272. The specs for the screen are 320X480

I wasnt sure which resoolution to go for as neither is an exact fix.

Hopefully have more to report later.

Best wishes

  Taurus 12:46 25 Jan 2008

Hi puma22, I have had the same dilema about resolution, I think though, that it might relate to the differient movie screen formats. For example, if a film is copied in 480x272 the resulting picture will fill the screen side to side (if the screen is rotated) but will have black spaces above and below as would be the case if watching a widescreen movie on a 4:3 TV. This does mean that an appropriate resolution for the original movie format should be chosen so that the resulting movie is not proportionaly distorted. This is only a theory as yet as I still have not found any software that will play movies on my TX.

Hopefully, between the three of us we can get it sorted, stay in touch.


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