This is the most bizarre TV fault I have seen!

  Sapins 19:53 29 Mar 2008

This problem has only just appeared yesterday.When watching the TV from the usual position about 3 metres from the screen there are no problems, If I move towards the screen, from 2 metres or less, the volume control icon comes on the screen and if I remain there the volume reduces on its own to zero, if I move away straight away the volume level stays the same. It is not the remote as I have moved it to another room and the *fault* is still there.

Anyone *any* idea what is going on please?

  pchelper001 20:17 29 Mar 2008

are you carrying anything at the time? anything infra-red can affect your tv, for example mobiles or cameras, and especially remotes!

  Sapins 20:39 29 Mar 2008

You have helped me solve it, I removed the remotes for the TV, SKY box and HDD Recorder, problem solved, I just have to take them back in the room one at a time, when my wife has finished watching a programme, to determine which one it is. I have recently replaced the batteries in a new SKY remote but I didn't think that would cause a problem, I will post back later to let you know what I have found, thanks for your reply.

  Sapins 20:50 29 Mar 2008

Checked each remote in the room where the tele is, I can only assume that the old SKY remote was causing the problem because the back up button used to stick "on" so maybe the sound button was faulty, it did work ok when I tried it but I took the batteries out to be sure.

Thanks again for your help,



  pchelper001 20:56 29 Mar 2008

no problem, glad to help..haha my old sky remote did the same..but it managed to control the tv from inside a drawer ..weird or what!

  100andthirty 15:51 30 Mar 2008

I think you're seeing some form of automatic adjustment that ajusts the brightness of the screen to the ambient light. as you get closer to the screen some of the light to the sensor is blocked out and it does an adjustment and tells you about it.

On my Sharp, It's called OPC; it can be On, Off or On with screen display. the screen display looks like the volume adjust

  Sapins 18:31 30 Mar 2008

It only showed the volume control and the volume went down to zero if I remained in front of the set. My tele is a Mitsubishi and it's at least 12 years old!

  100andthirty 19:30 30 Mar 2008

Oh well, nice try

  jack 14:10 31 Mar 2008

You are possibly a natural I/R emitter
Wrap your self in foil before approaching the TV


  Sapins 18:41 31 Mar 2008

Anything wrapped in foil here gets put in the oven;-)

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