mobile phones on cruise ships

  sunnystaines 08:08 12 Oct 2010

i rang "3" helpline who had problems understanding what a cruise ship is [call centre in asia somewhere] after a long struggle and two attempts they told me the charge per call relates to the nearest country.

but other have told me there are maritime charges, fredolsen the cruise line says phone the operator of the phone service. tried a "3" store but they are staffed by eastern europeans that seem lost other than selling phone contracts.

anyone know "3" tel in the uk or any answer to this please.

  tullie 16:51 12 Oct 2010

The charges for using a mobile on a cruise ship are very expensive.

  sunnystaines 17:04 12 Oct 2010

how do you find out the charges in advanced.
three say 38p in EU waters and 14p to recieve a call, this includes canary isles and maderia but i am sure they have it wrong.

I wonder, if, when you are outside the coverage of the "nearest" country, does the cruise ship link you via satellite? Now that WILL be expensive!

  sunnystaines 20:09 12 Oct 2010

it is by sat, but impossible to get a costing of anyone, i wish the owner of three could hear my coversations to his store and helpline staff

Can't say for sure but I think Sat service can be £4.00 per minute or thereabouts!

  Forum Editor 00:46 13 Oct 2010

use a company called Maritime communication services to handle mobile calls. This company will 'partner' with the mobile network operators who set call charges themselves.

Rather than talking to your network, have a chat with the cruise operators - they'll tell you what applies on the ship in question.

  sunnystaines 09:55 13 Oct 2010

tried that they bat me back to "3" but cannot find a number that does not go to india, tried the indian helpline twice and had the same problem they cannot comprehend a cruise ship, its hard work explaining to them.

  Forum Editor 00:00 14 Oct 2010

on a cruise ship forum?

click here for instance.

Someone may know the answer. It's worth a try.

  sunnystaines 09:37 14 Oct 2010

carphonewharehouse found this for me burried in the web site of 3

click here

  Al94 16:53 19 Oct 2010

This forum has dedicated threads for different cruise lines click here

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