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  mike e11 19:50 22 May 2013

I am a limited mobile user and needed to replace my somewhat battered Samsung GT-S3650 with a new mobile with modest wireless internet access.

Because I have a £10/ month contract I bought a new Samsung galaxy for about £100, but found it user friendly but in one very important area was not acceptable and returned it.

The problem was that the range of ring tones allocated to calendar alarms and messages were just inaudible bleeps which I often did not hear. I found (and the shop agreed) they could not be changed to something longer and louder ie you cannot download /Bluetooth suitable long tones and allocate them to these individual uses.

I would be most grateful if you tell me how to solve this problem or suggest a suitable and affordable mobile where this flexible facility is available

Many thanks

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  Woolwell 13:23 23 May 2013

Louder will largely depend on the volume settings of the handset.

You can download ringtones for most phones but you mean alert tones and many of those can be downloaded too and set. I am not sure the shop is correct.

  mike e11 16:12 23 May 2013

Thanks Woolwell, The Galaxy was not adaptable and although I could down load different tones you cannot allocate them to say calender or alarm alerts - just ring tones for call alerts. So I am looking for a phone which does allow this is different tones for selected alerts Mike e11

  Woolwell 17:09 23 May 2013

I had a Galaxy S1 and I was able to add different tones to the notifications by copying them into Media- Audio - Notifications folder on the phone. But this had the same tone for all notifications.

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