Mobile phone with GPS advise please

  daisy2bell 08:56 09 Sep 2007

Will be upgrading my mobile phone shortly. Was toying with the idea of getting one with inbuilt GPS.
Has anyone got experience with these. I don't want to go the TomTom route, but the phone one appeals to me.

  PP321 09:47 09 Sep 2007

Have a nose here..

Very few come with inbuilt GPS

click here

  daisy2bell 10:22 09 Sep 2007

Thanks for that PP321. I have found a couple more, but my question was more to do with has anyone had any experience with these GPS phones.. Thanks again.

  anchor 14:58 09 Sep 2007

I had a friend with one; worked fine. Much too small a screen to be of much use in the car, (if that`s what you want).

  birdface 10:31 10 Sep 2007

I used Tom Tom on my mobile with no problems.And you dont need a big screen as you can just follow the audio advice, thats all you need.

  Dizzy Bob 18:25 11 Sep 2007

I use a T-Mobile MDA which has a built in GPS. I run tomtom 6 on it and it is excellent.

The phone is a little smaller than a PDA, but the screen is more than adequate for sat nav use (IMO)

THe only drawback i can find is that the phone does not have wi-fi.

It is very similar to the O2 orbit mentioned above, but i think the orbit does have wi-fi as well.

I have had the phone since January with no reliability problems at all.



  P1d 08:30 12 Sep 2007

I have to agree with PP321, I have the XDA Orbit and use the Sat Nav all the time with Co Pilot, never had any reliability problems and always gets me to my location.

Beta - the T-Mobile MDA Compact III has a built in GPS receiver.


  daisy2bell 09:01 12 Sep 2007

Thanks guys and sorry for the delay. Your answers certainly give me food for thought. The only downside I was told about by vodafone ( my supplier) was when using sat nav, it is VERY heavy on the batteries.
I'll leave this as un-resolved for now, in case there are more answers.
Thanks again

  P1d 09:44 12 Sep 2007

Beta - No problem. That's where the XDA Orbit is slightly better spec as it has wifi, not too bothered about 3G though.

daisy2bell - it can be heavy on the battery but when I use mine I always have it plugged into the cigarette lighter socket. One thing to be aware of is that the GPS will try to update it's satellites at intervals which you can't amend (only by uninstalling the QuickGPS update software which defeats the object really) so it will connect automatically to GPRS to do this and of course unless your tariff includes GPRS time you will be charged for it. There is a piece of freeware called NoData which can be installed which enables you to turn off your data connections and when needed you can turn it back on at anytime.

Hope this helps.


  daisy2bell 14:47 12 Sep 2007

Thanks for that info P1d

  pavvi 14:15 16 Sep 2007

make sure you have a good data bundle as well otherwise you will end up with a huge bill as it uses gprs internet to get maps and updates. T mobile have a web and walk plan that gives you up to a gig of access every month for an extra 7.50 on top of your voice plan

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