Mobile phone - contract deals?

  Cara2 12:52 27 Feb 2006

Anybody recently come across a good deal for mobile phone, suitable for teenager?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:22 27 Feb 2006

I would suggest a PAYG as I know of at least three families that have had £600+ mobile phone bills from loquacious teenagers. Anyone helping a teenager to get a mobile contract wants their grey cells feeling pronto and shows a total lack of understanding towards the young mindset. PAYG also teaches a sense of fiscal responsibility that is sadly lacking in great swathes of acned youth.


  pavvi 20:57 27 Feb 2006

With a view to the above comment by Gandalf bear T mobile ufix in mind, free phone, and a fixed bill of £15 or £25. £25 gets 30 mins anytime to any net and 400 texts a month or 750 offpeak minutes a month and 75 texts or 100 anytime any net minutes and 50 texts and £15 gets 30 anytime anynet minutes and 30 texts or 300 off peak any net and 30 texts amonth.....

  Cara2 21:16 27 Feb 2006

Thanks for reply.

The teenager in question (my son) is actually 20 this year and employed I think he will be okay - he currently has a PAYGo phone.

  rupie 23:20 27 Feb 2006

Networks are desirate to keep people, be tough, say no to a deal you do not like. Contracts are far cheaper in the long run than PAYG. Just make sure you can manage the direct debits. If you push you will get great deals and a new phone each year. If you do dare to go for a contract then I have blagged a local vodaphone store into a business taffif that is £15PPM but the call charges are the same as someone on a 400min contract. There are lots of tarrrifs available that they do not show unless you complain.Technically your son of 20 is not a teenager.

  wee eddie 16:30 28 Feb 2006

Serious money is made when you exceed your contracted volume.

It rarely makes any difference how long that period is. After a few months the user will be exceeding the Tariff and you are tied into a "Contract" with year or, frequently, a two year span.

  pavvi 20:13 28 Feb 2006

18 month contracts are becoming more normal but 2 year contracts are still fairly rare. If you do enter into a contract for longer than a year be clear about what you will get in return: for example voda will give you stop the clock if you go on a 18 month contract. Steer clear of orange's 24 month contract, you only get 10% off your line rental....have a look out for tmobile's new flext tarrif...£35 a month gets you £160 worth of calls and texts: this translates to 900 anytime anyone minutes, or 1800 texts or 450 minutes and 900 texts cracking deal...the downside? an 18 month contract is required....

  HXP 23:47 28 Feb 2006

Online 100 Talker
Monthly subscription
click here
Contract Length
18 Months
Inclusive Call minutes any network
Free Text2 Messages

Online Off peak 500 Talker
Monthly subscription
Contract Length
18 Months
Inclusive Call minutes any network
Free Text2 Messages

  pavvi 19:53 01 Mar 2006

Look at the t's and c's will only get the minutes you specified for the first 6 months of the contract....The devil is in the detail: online 100 talker = 100 miuntes a month doubled for 6 months. there are far better deals than this around that include a free phone. The tmobile flext is gonna blow everything away £180 worth of credit to use on any combination of calls texts and mms for £35 a month and a free phone examples of combinations:

450 minutes 900 texts
225 minutes 225 mms/pictures messages 900 texts

there are only 5 different tarrifs: from £20 to £75 a month....

  HXP 01:40 02 Mar 2006

Damn the fine print (and them too for being so contractually clever - can you trust a company that would sucker you in ?).... I got a sim only deal with O2 2 yrs ago £15 500 mins off peak + 500 txts - they keep trying to persuade me to change ... guess I see why now.

  vitrocmax 00:30 06 Mar 2006

I've been trying to find a serious flaw in this Carphone Warehouse O2 promotion (apart from paying up front)
click here=

and the only one is it's an OFF PEAK tariff (like HXP's) so you pay for daytime calls...

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