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  NotVeryTechie 11:06 31 Mar 2009

Hi there, hope I am in the right discussion area with this question. I am currently a lodger and my landlord does not have internet access at home. I don't want to get a contract set up as I don't know how long I will be there. So I have been looking at the mobile broadband options, but can't quite work out what how and how much. They seem to offer good deals, but then have a limit this and you can't extend limit that and only local and so on. I am not sure what to go for.

I don't do much surfing - particularly during the week I do practically none (I am on the computer at work all day so don't want to spend evenings as well). On the weekend I might look for a few things and check emails. Occationally I download bits of things and look at some streaming video. So I don't want something where I am paying a premium for lots of GB and then not using it, but when I do want to download something, I want to be able to do it without incurring penalties.

Any thoughts?

  NotVeryTechie 11:27 31 Mar 2009

Update - I have been looking at the Vodafone pay as you go option, which costs £15 per GB. One thing is that I can't find the "fine print" anywhere. Has anyone had experience with this?

  Border View 11:08 04 Apr 2009

Hi NotVeryTechie. I am having exactly the same problem. I am looking at Three Pay as you Go mobile broadband. Apparently, contract free, I can get 1Gb of download for £10 a month. Something I have picked up is if you dont use all of your allowance after 30days it expires and you have to top up. Another point which I am currently trying to clarify is - do I have to have a 3 Mobile phone to top up the mobile broadband.

I have searched and searched for a comprehensive and clear, what do you get for your money - terms and conditions without success. I have posted in various forum but have only had one helpful response.

Will watch your post with interest to see if anyone comes up with an answer. Good luck.


  NotVeryTechie 14:07 08 Apr 2009

Yes, that is exactly my problem, I keep searching for the information and find it very difficult to get clear answers. I mean, if you can get 1GB in a month for £10, does that mean you can buy more if you need more, but then you lose what you don't use in that month??? It all gets very confusing. I hope someone can help.

  peter99co 13:01 15 Apr 2009

I have a contract with 3 and pay £15 per month for 3G per month. The dongle was free and I will probably continue with them whem my contract ends. The connection is not that fast but does the job.

I tend to leave files downloaded from my usual sites alone and this may save time. Bear in mind uploading is also part of your allowance. Check you have good signal coverage before you buy!

Go to 3 site to check.

  peter99co 13:07 15 Apr 2009

I understand it can be expensive if you go over the limit. 3G is a lot of downloads and emails.
Also check this found by a search.

click here

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