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  kasbn 06:07 15 Sep 2008

Ok, let me see if I can explain my trouble, so you might help me.

I bought a Kodak 2GB Memory Card.

I have a folder of about 400 pictures on my computer that I want to put onto this memory card. Some of these photos are from my digital camera. Some of them are older photos that I have scanned and added to the folder.

I put my memory card into a slot on the computer that says MMC/SD.

I then tag all the photos and begin my transfer to the memory card. It goes smoothly until I get to picture 172. Then it won't go any further.

So I unmarked all photos and tried to do 172 by itself. Nope, won't go. Neither will 173, 174 or any picture onward.

I then removed all photos I had put on the card. Then tried to start at picture 172 and transfer. It goes fine until I get to about 340. Same thing happens.

I then deleted all those from the card. And started from the bottom of the folder of pictures and highlighted them all. Started the transfer and it stops at about 174 from the bottom.

I don't get it. It's not any one particular photo, that stops the transfer. It doesn't matter if it's a digital photo or one from the 80's that I scanned.

I have been told the 2GB will hold alot more than 400 pictures, so I am not sure why it is stopping during the tranfer.

I do hope I have explained it right. If not, or if you have a question that could help me, please ask.

Any insight would be very helpful.


  Kevscar1 06:57 15 Sep 2008

it depends on the size of the individual photo how many will fit on.
My old pics with a 5mp camera are 200kb or less.
with the new 12 MP some are over 700kb

  jack 13:45 15 Sep 2008

to create a special folder for transfer.
Copy all the images to this folder.
When done close the folder and right click.
Then click properties[at bottom of the drop down]
This then confirm the total size of the contents?
If it is less than the size of memory on the card - it should go in.
But maybe it is larger- in which case you have to to trim some out - or reduce the image size of some of the.
By the way - why are you copying them to this card?

  kasbn 15:31 15 Sep 2008

The reason for copying the pictures to this card is:

For Christmas I am giving my parents a digital photo frame. I was told the internal memory of the frame would only hold a small amount of photos.

So it was suggested to me to buy the 2GB memory card and that would hold more than enough pictures for me. The amount of pictures I have for the frame is about 400.

I will then put all the pictures on the card. And put the card in the slot on the digital photo frame and give it to my parents for a gift.

So I have all my pictures in a folder on my computer ready to put on the memory card. But I can't seem to get them all on the card.

I have been told that the 2GB should easily hold the few (400) pictures that I have with plenty room for even more pictures. So I am not sure what I am doing wrong, as to how to get them all on the card.

When I initially tried and only the 171 or so when on the card. I checked through properties of the card and those few pictures made a very very minute dent in the space on the memory card.

What cha think?


  jack 16:31 15 Sep 2008

Another reason for images to be difficult is if they
are damaged or in another version of JPEG.
Then all things will go swimmingly until the dodgy one is reached . Then it will all stop there and nothing can get past.

So experiment - remove number 171 from the collection entirely.
See what happens.
If it proves to be damaged then you can simply discard it or- try a repair.
But first of all see what happens without it.

  kasbn 00:57 16 Sep 2008

okie dokie.

1. I did it again, stopped at 171. Says "cannot copy Picture 172: The directory or file cannot be created.

2. Took 172 completely out of the folder, highlighted them all, started copying and it stops at 173. Says the same thing.

3. Started with picture 171, highlighted all forward and started copying. It stops at 341, saying the same thing as above.

4. Started from the bottom with picture 386, and copied upward. It stops at picture 364, saying the same thing.

I have no idea what "The directory or file cannot be created." means especially since it says that on many different pictures. Whatever the last picture, happens to be, gets this error.

The last pictures is whatever picture is the 170th picture.

This is a brand new memory card. I checked the properties again, and it is completely empty at this point.

Any ideas?


  Kevscar1 07:09 16 Sep 2008

Hover your mouse pointer over the picture folder and a box will come up which shows the size of the folder, if that is over 2Gb then you can't fit them all in.
If it's less copy the first 171 pictures to the card and do the same to the card.
If there is still space copy something else to the card music file possibly. If the card accepts this then some of your pictures files are corrupted and you will have to do them 1 by 1 to get the rest of the good ones on.
If it doesn't the card itself is damaged and you will have to take it back.

  kasbn 07:27 16 Sep 2008

I hovered the mouse over the picture folder, the size is 11.3MB.

Am not sure how to copy a music file. But it is very late and I will try what you suggest in the am.


  jack 08:45 16 Sep 2008

break the images up into batches of say
10 mega bytes worth at a time.
Create a series of folders and load each with ten images- then load the folders into the card- just to see what happens.

Next it is almost certain the images are all of different sizes.
So batch convert them into the same size for all
they need only be 800x600 pixel for a photo frame.
to do this- download Irfanview -click here
learn how to to batch convert to common size.- a most useful program and it is FREE

  kasbn 17:02 16 Sep 2008

I don't know alot about the computer. I don't know how to do alot of stuff. But I chose to do this, because I really was under the impression that it was a easy thing to do.

But for me, it doesn't seem to be so easy.

Went and bought a new memory card. Different brand, different size. This is a Polaroid 1GB.

Same thing. Only 170 pictures will go on the card. Doesn't matter which 170 pictures I put on. When I try to put on the 171th picture, I get the words.

Cannot copy picture 172: The directory or file cannot be created.

Maybe I should rethink my gift idea. :)


  kasbn 17:29 16 Sep 2008

I did it. Yea!!!!

Couldn't give up, that's just not me. Especially when I know the average computer person can do this.

Soooooo....I googled the "Cannot copy picture: The directory or file cannot be created.

Read some information and this is what I found:

1. Go to my computer

2. Right click on your device that is connected.

3. Click fat 32 (must be xp system)

4. click format

I did that and sat back and watched as it got closer to picture 172 and it didn't stop. Just kept going all the way to the end.

Thanks so much for helping me. You have been great.


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