Media Centre - XP Or Vista

  al7478 16:18 08 Sep 2007

This is just a speculative thing on my part, and I've put it here as I didnt want to clog up the Helproom.

Forgive me if my query isnt really focused enough to begin with, but, as i said, this is just me checking up in advance of doing anything drastic.

At some time in the not too distant future, I may invest in one of those new fangled lcd tvs, and also XP Media Centre Edition or Vista Home Premium, which I believe has the same functionalaity?

My main priority is music, so it would be great for anyone who uses either OS to explain how seeing music on my TV and playing it works? Would it, for example, go through the speakers currently running via my pc, or would i have to rearrange things much? Can films be beamed from my pc hd to my tv? ok, thats not music, i digress...!

Thanks in advance.

  al7478 19:06 08 Sep 2007

No one uses it?

  wolfie3000 21:34 08 Sep 2007

I use Media center on my pc (XP)

the music will come up like this on your tv,

click here

It depends on how you arrange your collection on the pc.

As for what it looks like when playing music well you can choose what appears, i prefer the foalty clouds visualization,

click here

Films can be "beamed" directly to your tv yes if the tv supports it,
Not sure on the details though.

  al7478 23:18 08 Sep 2007

Can I use it to sort some music out via the telly, then watch telly while the selected music is playing on my pc's speakers?

  wolfie3000 03:17 09 Sep 2007

yes you can sort out the music via the tv, but as for watching tv while listening to music it depends on whether you run the tv through media center.

  al7478 11:59 09 Sep 2007

Sorry, wolfie3000, can you elaborate?

  WHU 18:34 09 Sep 2007

You can play your music through your PC speakers via media centre, then if you have a TV aerial going into your TV (instead of via your PC) then you will be able to watch TV and listen to your music at the same time.

  al7478 18:44 09 Sep 2007

Thanks WHU! So i can get my music up on the telly, select what to play, then go from having my music displayed on the telly to watching normal telly, with my music uninterupted?

  WHU 19:09 09 Sep 2007

Yes thats correct. I have one aerial lead coming from the usual wall socket which i have split into three (via a signal booster). I have one aerial going into my TV (as you normally would), then the other two aerials going into the two tuners in my PC.
This way you have the option to use the TV as per normal, but also have the option to run it through your media centre PC.

  al7478 20:00 09 Sep 2007

does that also give you the option to record onto pc (although i have sky+, so probably wouldnt)?

  WHU 20:09 09 Sep 2007

Yes, media centre records programmes/series the same as Sky+, and also gives you the option to burn TV programmes to DVD.

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