Media Center PCs

  Kate B 17:28 14 Sep 2005

Does anyone actually have - or know anyone who has - a Media Center PC? I'm intrigued ...

  justme 19:00 14 Sep 2005

Guilty as charged M'am.

No I did not set out to but a media center (just hate the American spelling, but that's another thing) but bought it purely because the price was right.

I got an HP pavillion with an AMD Athlon 64 processor 3400+, 1Gb DDR memory, 200 GB hard drive, DVD drive, DVD writer(+/-R, +/-RW, 16x max speed anddouble layer), NVidia geoforce FX550 with 256MB video memory.

It also has a 9 in 1 memory card reader, wireless 802.11,Tv and FM radio tuner card with remote control and a wireless keyboard and mouse. All this for less than £400.

It was too good to turn down. Of course it was not exactly brand spanking new, it was a factory reconditoned machine but it came is a nice big box and had no visible marks on the case and it has a one year warranty, and so far seems to be working fine.

  De Marcus™ 19:22 14 Sep 2005

It doesn't have the Media Center OS installed but it does utilise Logitech's Media life program, close enough for me, it's small (shuttle based), and most importantly QUIET and has all the bells and whistles installed as per a media center.

  Pooke 19:33 14 Sep 2005

I was looking at one today, well the demo, wouldn't let me into the normal OS in the shop.

Whats so special about the 2005 edition?

  Pooke 20:15 14 Sep 2005
  Kate B 16:20 15 Sep 2005

Only four out of 174,465 registered users. I ask because I'm writing a rant about them for a newspaper and I'm intrigued to see if I'm wrong and that they really are the bees' knees or simply a clever ruse to get people to buy new computers and make MS and the box-shifters happy while the latter waits for the former to get on with Vista.

  PC Advisor. 17:33 15 Sep 2005

Hi Kate,
Talking to our industry contacts we're in no doubt that MS genuinely wants Media Center to take off. The problem is they're finding it difficult to persuade the Great British Public that they want a PC under their TV.

There are still noise issues - the one I had sounded like a 747 taking off.

In short, sales of Media Center PCs have been disappointing for retailers, vendors and MS.

  justme 18:40 15 Sep 2005

Although I plead guity to having one it is really a computer with the capabilities of a media center.

I use it as a computer and occassionally watch tv (usually the football when she who must be obeyed is watching Eastenders or Corrie Street).

Apart from trying out the recording of tv I cannot say I have ever used it in earnest, and as I have a hearing problem I tend not to watch dvd or play much music as the volume I would need would let the whole street hear it.

  Forum Editor 18:55 15 Sep 2005

about the future for Media Centre PCs. The concept is like an actor in search of a play as far as I'm concerned, and I know of nobody who has one, or is talking of getting one.

  Curio 18:57 15 Sep 2005

I would not entertain one. 'er indoors gets the TV, I get the PC. No family arguments here on what is on the box.

  De Marcus™ 20:51 15 Sep 2005

I must admit i like the idea of the all in one entertainment 'suite', always have done. Yet when it's came to buying a new PC (2 since mce was released) I've always turned my back on them. I've always found whenever I've viewed one in a store I can here them churning away, and thought to myself "imagine what that would sound like in the living room!". That is the biggest factor for me at least. It's why I opted for a powerful shuttle, it doesn't look out of place (it's hidden anyway, bar TV remote sensor) and is quieter than my DVD player because it only has one fan for the whole system. I utilise the logitech media life programme which came bundled with the lx501 keyboard i bought, one press of a button and I have access to music, DVDs, photos, etc. The one thing I can say I haven't got is the instant 'on' function. Which after some tweaks to the boot menu, doesn't bother in the least.

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