Mass Hysteria On The Darkside

  Crosstrainer2 09:36 05 Oct 2011

Finally, the hype is over, and as many here will know I'm a non Windows all Mac person these day's. For my sins, I spend a lot of my spare time over on the Mac sites.

I BETA tested the new iPhone, so knew what was coming. I was prepared for a certain amount of disappointment on it's official release.

It's truly unbelievable the amount of full blown "I will never by Apple again" angst that has appeared on these sites.

I had 7 private messages today blaming ME for the lack of a complete re-design.

I can't understand how this kind of vitriol and spleen venting can be aimed at what is after all a phone.

It has the A5 in it, so it's faster, if Apple had radically re-designed it and it looked like a Blackberry we would have even more anger.

I get my new one for free, as a thank you from Apple. Would I BETA the next one? I doubt it, let someone else take the flack, I'm staying away from the Mac sites apart from general admin for a while. At least until these people calm down a little.

  ams4127 22:45 06 Oct 2011

I think the problem lies in the fact that when Apple announce a new product it's usually a big leap forward. The fact that the iPhone 4s is an upgrade to an existing item rather than a brand new phone (iPhone 5) has upset a large number of people who worship Apple and all it produces. These people seem like spoilt children who, when things don't go their way, spit vitriol at anyone they perceive as authority.

Personally, although I have an iPad, I would never get an iPhone. I consider the Samsung Galaxy S2 to be a far superior item and hope to get one in the not too distant future. Meanwhile, I am more than happy with my Blackberry!

I will join in on your forums one of these days....I simply haven't had the time so far.

  Woolwell 17:16 07 Oct 2011

ams4127 - Have an ipad and Samsung Galaxy S. The S is a good phone but the S2 is better and I think that it beats my son's iphone.

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