manipulating photos

  casper69 09:01 28 Feb 2008

hey all

im looking to manipulate photos of places and people i.e. people being put into a background photos and backgrounds in backgrounds i.e. funfair on the sea.

and also want to create a moving image next to a still image that i can use as avatar or signature picture


  jack 09:15 28 Feb 2008

click here
click here
click here

3 places lots of programs
downloads trial to playwith
steeplearn curve
lots of headaches
have fun.,

  casper69 09:22 28 Feb 2008

cheers jack

ill get the pills for the headaches and have a go to see whats best, the last link didnt work it just goes to under construction sign.

  john bunyan 13:18 28 Feb 2008

casper69. Not the cheapest but the latest Photoshop Elements is very good. (a cut down version of Photoshop CS3)

  David4637 14:40 28 Feb 2008

If you really want to get into this subject then use Photoshop 7 or greater. Its a long learning curve but its the BEST if you want to do good enhancements of D.Images. Version 7 ( I use it) covers about 80% of CS, and should keep you going for a couple of years. V7 should be at a much lower price that CS. David

  Kemistri 18:17 28 Feb 2008

It always surprises me that people rate PS Elements so highly when it is considerably out-specced (and matched for performance) by PhotoImpact at half the cost. I suppose that it's the only app that most people have actually used.

PSP X2 is not bad -- I use it in conjunction with PhotoImpact and the professional Corel graphics/drawing products, simply because there are a couple of functions that it does particularly well.

Even the GIMP is an acceptable option if you don't want to spend anything.

  john bunyan 19:14 28 Feb 2008

You are probably right if you want to do limited improvements. However if you want, eventually, to learn to use Photoshop CS2 (Industry standard) then it may be useful to make a start with Elements. One seems to have so many photo manipulation programmes - I got one with a Canon scanner, another with Roxio 10 (bought for other reasons), another with a camera, etc. In the end it is a personal preference.

  Kemistri 19:33 28 Feb 2008

"You are probably right if you want to do limited improvements."

You may have misunderstood my opinion. PI beats PS Elements to the point at which CS3 is rendered totally unnecessary for most users bar professionals and seriously picky enthusiasts with deep pockets. I know CS3 very well, but I see no reason to invest in it -- despite making a large part of my living from graphics and images -- because PI is such a powerful and extensive app.

  john bunyan 22:21 28 Feb 2008

OK. You obviously know more than I do and thanks for the advice.

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