Lost R4 on DAB radio

  natdoor 10:29 17 Oct 2007

I have an Acoustic Solutions Portal DAB radio. Occasionally the presets get lost because if a preset button is held pressed for too long it resets the preset to the current station rather than selecting the previously stored one. This happened yesterday and Radio3 replaced the previously stored Radio4.

Previously, retuning by means of the rotary tuning control would enable Radio4 to be tuned in and set as preset. However, yesterday cycling through the tuned stations gave Radio3 followed by Radio5L, rather than Radio4. I have since done an Auto Tune several times in different locations in order to eliminate poor reception but the result is the same. I have checked reception on another DAB radio and can get Radio4 on that, although with poor reception in some locations. I can also get Radio4 on the DAB radio by switching to FM mode, of course, but would like to avoid the necessity of doing this.

Since my radio appears to locate all other DAB stations, I find it difficult to visualise what the cause may be. I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience and would be grateful for any suggestions.

  mole44 11:52 17 Oct 2007

Have you tried:
(A) Manual tuning
(B) Checking signal levels on other stations
(C) Is your areal in tight
(D) doing a complete reset of your radio
(E) Does your radio have upgrades if so do them,i have a Pure DMX50 and have done two upgrades on it.

  crosstrainer 12:33 17 Oct 2007

Can occur when new channels are added to the digital bandwith. I think a search for updates followed by a complete re-set of the radio should do the trick. Had the same thing with digital tv the other day when a channel called "Dave" appeared. All the numbers were wrong, and had to re-install the kit to put them right.

  natdoor 13:56 17 Oct 2007

mole44: Thanks for your suggestions.

(A) I tried manual tuning first but Radio4 was not there.
(B) I get good reception on most other stations but have not checked levels as such.
(C) Yes
(D) I have completed a full auto re-tune several times. Is there any other form of reset I could try?
(E) Must look for the handbook! I don't know if it has the ability to be upgraded but there are no obvious additional buttons. The idea did not occur to me and I don't know how one ould find out (perhaps an internet search)or implement. Would a USB connection be required to do a firmware download?

crosstrainer: Thanks for your response which is similar to points (D) and (E) above. I do not know if any new stations have been introduced in the past couple of days.

  natdoor 15:52 17 Oct 2007

Thanks again for your help. I discovered how to do a complete reset (manuals are often helpful) and the problem is solved. I had thought that an autore-tune would have been equivalent to system reset but obviously not.

Eternally in your debt,


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