Looking for LCD TV Help

  RJack 18:09 10 Sep 2008

Hi all,

my old CRT when bang & i've now decided to go for out and buy a new tv.

I've trawled the internet look at review after review and all seem to say one is better than the other.

I'm look for a LCD TV with at least 37" Screen & 1080P.

I've heard the Panasonic TX37 is a good choice but have also been told to look at Toshiba Regaza.

Can anyone make any suggestions? I will be mainly using it with my PS3 & watching TV. I'm not sure whether to get SKY HD or Freeview although Playstation TV launches on the 16th September so have so many choices.

The main thing is to sort out TV 1st though ;)

Thanks in advance

  RJack 18:11 10 Sep 2008

Sorry my Budget is about £750 max :)

  canarieslover 20:30 10 Sep 2008

Read the reviews but take them all with a pinch of salt. TV, like sound, is a bit subjective, which is why you get conflicting reports. Just draw up a shortlist of TV's that meet your requirements and then go and look at them in a store. You are the one who has to watch it after you've bought it so you are the one it has got to satisfy.

  awest3 19:23 12 Sep 2008

not sure about the 37" Panasonic but I've just bought a 32" panasonic tx32lzd85...fantastic...!!

even has an sd slot for my digital pictures..I'm told the 37" is as good if not better...cost is about £760...

Samsung are also good...sister and daughter have them..


  Stuartli 20:08 12 Sep 2008

The Toshiba is good, but the Panasonic range is the bee's knees....:-)

The Panny TH-37PX80 plasma TV is a particular cracker....

  FatboySlim71 11:18 13 Sep 2008

I have the Panasonic TX-32 LXD700 LCD. Its a fantastic set, superb picture whether it be standard definition or high definition.

click here

Others may disagree but I would advice against getting a Plasma TV if you are going to be using a games console/PS3.

If you read my review you will see the problem I had, I could have been unlucky but IMO Plasma TV's are still prone to screen burn and that's exactly what happened with me after playing a PS3 game on my Plasma after only 90 minutes. In the end I returned my Plasma and got the LCD TV that I mentioned at the beginning, IMO it is a lot better picture than my Plasma, but that is just my opinion, what one person thinks is the best picture another person would think the opposite.

In my opinion, LCD TV's are worry free, you can use them as you wish without worrying about screen burn, screen burn is still an issue with Plasma's IMO and my own personal experience.

I took all the necessary precautions when I got my Plasma, i.e. I didn't run it with the colours, picture setting full on. I left it on a blank channel to try to get rid of the screen burn but this made no difference. Admittedly the screen burn image wasn't staring you in the face but when you knew it was there you couldn't help noticing it.

Nowadays LCD TV's are getting bigger all the time and I think that when they can be made has big as Plasma's then I fear that Plasma TV's days are numbered, especially with the green/energy issues that we have now. Plasma TV's use way more electricity than LCD and Plasma run much hotter than LCD TV's as well.

  Stuartli 17:42 13 Sep 2008

My youngest offspring has the Panny set I mentioned - he uses it for all manner of viewing and would be the first to spot any possibility of screen burn.

By the way, if you press the green button on your remote, the BBCi and other logos will disappear...

  FatboySlim71 22:54 13 Sep 2008

I guess I must have been unlucky, I know its put me off Plasma TV's.

  Kevscar1 14:45 14 Sep 2008

Well I love my Plasma, 42in Samsung.
FatboySlim71 is right they do run hot, but hat just means i don't need any heating in the lounge during winter.

  Kevscar1 17:47 14 Sep 2008

Just found this which is well above your specs and below your budget.

click here

  Stuartli 21:30 14 Sep 2008

Maybe, but it doesn't state the manufacturer - you get what you pay for....:-)

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