Long shot, but.. can anyone recommend a near 5" display reliable budget phone under £100?

  theDarkness 21:41 09 May 2015

It's for someone that does not need the internet or apps, just text and good audio calling. Being able to display or receive colour photos with no menu lag would be a bonus, but that is all that is required. It would seem for a near 5 inch display they don't have much choice but to go for either a Moto e 2nd gen or Moto g 2nd gen, £100 or £150+ish with no micro sim new (they already have a sim).

Judging by youtube reviews, the Moto e 2nd generation phone is now 4.5" but it seems to be small in width, and for the relation it might not be big enough. The Moto g 2nd gen is 5" but is too expensive for them online new at around £150. Is there anything else anyone can suggest that has a screen of a good width, under or exactly £100? That is their limit. Resolution is not a big issue. I think Nokia windows phones might be more difficult for them to use, so they will probably be better with android.

There are a fair amount of cheap chinese android phones on amazon and ebay for far less eg just over £50 with a 5 inch display, but I would not trust just in case the batteries proved to be defective ie dangerous. Any other recommendations from trustworthy companies for budget near 5inch width displays, or good online stores that few may know about? A refurbished phone might be awkward as they need a phone soon and do not want to handle a return, so anything to rival the moto e with a wider screen or suggestions of other shopping sites to look at would be good other than the usual. Thanks.

  fredsboy 12:10 11 May 2015

Carphone warehouse are doing a Samsung phone called "Galaxy Core Prime" for about £100 (it varies) This phone has agood screen, quad core processor and Android Kit Kat. Both my wife and I now have one and have no complaints. The screen is 4.5 inches but is plenty big enough.

  theDarkness 01:08 12 May 2015

I thought a wider screen would be best for their hands, particulary with txt messaging. I have a 3.5 xperia miro which is too small for them so anything above that should be ok. It's always good to see a phone and have a literal hands on to work out if its going to do the job or not, but that's not always easy online. Some phones at 4.5 seem to be narrow and tall to make up screen size but are probably fine.

On youtube I found it was easier to just type 'vs moto e 2nd gen' on there to find decent rival phone comparisons of which some might have a larger screen. The cheapest and biggest android phone I could find with a 5.2 inch screen was a Lenovo A6000, and Sony Experia E4, both are recent and available for just under £100, although the former is not available to purchase as far as I can tell. Youtube users state a lack of ram with the Lenovo, but that its ok for the basics. Xiaomi seem to be one of the biggest and possibly more reliable chinese companies out there judging by the comparisons.

Thanks for that suggestion :)

  fredsboy 11:09 12 May 2015

Carphone warehouse do now have this phone in store. I bought my wife's from a shop. So you can look at them. Be aware of buying some of the cheap Android phones as they are running earlier versions than Kitkat and now some apps won't work on them. I cannot speak for other makes, but Samsung have the ability to insert a micro sd card to massively increase internal memory.

Also some phones have very limited internal memory and as some apps can only be installed on the phone's owm memory, this is quickly used up.

As to the narrowness of the screen, just turn the phone on its side and you then have wide screen. My wife does this because her eyesight is not good.

  theDarkness 00:01 13 May 2015

That's a good point in just flipping the phone to landscape - which should work rather well on the 'tallest' of phones :) My own Xperia Miro only came out in 2012 and it lags online on all media sites without using OperaMini,CMBrowser or another that loads up lower resolution images. It goes to show just much of an increase in general content and requirements the net has had just over the last couple of years.

I have found that even using security apps to forcefully move any installed apps to an extra sd memory card on an android phone, that the entire content is never moved entirely over. The majority of the data remains on the phones internal memory. That will probably be most notable on the latest phones with large 3D apps taking up far more space. I have had a go on an advertised 16gb lg g3 with 5" screen, which (no different to similar 16gb advertised phones) only gives you 8 gb of space after purchase-the rest being, or used up by, the preinstalled OS. I doubt that 8gb would last long after installing 5 large apps. Even with an extra sd card, if there is no room left on your phone, you are left with little option but to uninstall old apps. This seems to be a big problem with android.

I wouldn't buy anyone a cheap phone from a relatively unknown company, even if they were popular regarding the number of purchases, mainly for safety reasons. I know how dangerous cheaply manufactured lithium ion batteries can be, and amazon and ebay are likely flooded with cheap fake phones and batteries mimicking well known models, never mind those phones from brands with a relatively unknown or long reputation, eg Cubot,Ota Core,THL,LTE,Doogee,Swees,UHappy etc.

My Xperia only ever has 100mb and that is the minimum it needs to install one single app, so I continuously remove to install anything new. I will probably be purchasing a phone for myself soon enough, and if I was to purchase a relatively unknown chinese model, I would be the one to do the testing :)

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