Lip Sync Problems

  BigRik 13:44 04 Jun 2008

I have a Sony KDL40V2000 LCD tv with a Philips Cineos HTS9800W home cinema system connected.

When watching DVD's, all seems well. However, when I watch tv though the system, after a few minutes, the lip sync gradually goes completely off. After a short while, it goes back to normal, but then goes again, and continues like this.

After a bit of research, is this my only answer click here?

  Jim_F 13:12 05 Jun 2008

I've seen this on on a few DVB boxes - my belief is thst it occurs when you get electrical interference - my old DVB box didn't suppress interference but didn't loose sync.

In my case the effect is more noticeable on some channels rather than others - I've got some improvement by careful positioning of the aerial and using good quality screened cable.

  BigRik 13:40 05 Jun 2008

Thanks Jim_F.

In my case, its all channels. I only watch through the Sky dish, so I don't really want to be moving that. The system is connected to the tv by this HDMI cable click here, so I would hope the cable isn't the problem.

  Jim_F 15:48 05 Jun 2008

I've seen this in areas of fringe reception (eg the Canaries) - in my case in the UK its some digital terrestrial channels - my free-to-air sat stuff seems OK except in very poor weather conditions when both sound and vision break up.

Do you have an unbroken run of satellite quality (solid screen) coax between the dish and receiver ?

  BigRik 21:04 06 Jun 2008

I also get sound and picture break-up in very poor weather, but then I always have done; wherever I've lived.

The cable was installed with the equipment by Sky and it does run from the dish straight into the receiver but I'm not sure what quality cable they use.

  Jim_F 20:51 07 Jun 2008

Thinking out loud - does the audio sync go behind or in front of the video ?

  BigRik 22:08 07 Jun 2008

It seems to start with audio sync going in front of the video, but then gradually switches to video coming before audio.

  Jim_F 12:05 08 Jun 2008

Sounds like the receiver chipset is trying to compensate and getting it wrong !

Can you try another TV to prove the issue back to the Sky box ?

  BigRik 12:44 08 Jun 2008

Do you think the issue could be with the Sky box then? When I watch Sky just through the tv, everythings fine. Its only when I then switch the surround system on that the sync eventually goes awry.

Just to clarify, the dish is connected directly to the box, which goes to the tv by scart. The surround system goes directly to the tv by HDMI.

Does the following offer any clues to you?

When the surround system is switched on, it shares audio output with the tv, so I turn the tv volume down to minimum. However, with the tv volume left up, you notice that the audio output changes on the surround; ie the tv audio stays in sync with the picture. Its the surround audio thats gone out.

I've confused you completely now, haven't I?!

  Jim_F 13:09 08 Jun 2008

Thanks - I don't usually get confused until after lunch ! (A bar-b-q is imminent so that may well be the case)

If the surround system gets its audio from the TV then it could be the cumulative affect of processing in the TV and then the surround system itself.

If this is the case can you go direct SAT box to surround sound system or turn off audio processing in the Sony ?

  BigRik 16:32 08 Jun 2008

A change to my post last night (Sat, [email protected]:08).

After some very careful studying by the wife and I, we are without doubt that, after starting at switch-on in sync, the audio gradually goes way behind (around 3 words) the video. After about 10 mins, it goes back into sync, then does the same again, and so on.

'If the surround system gets its audio from the TV then it could be the cumulative affect of processing in the TV and then the surround system itself.' Perhaps you're onto something there Jim_F, so I'll have a go with your suggestions when I get a bit more time. I'll try to get back in a couple of days.

├četa, I have got lip sync adjustment on mine as well, but it only appears to work with DVD's, not broadcasting. Plus, it would be no good even if it did, as the audio is behind the video, not ahead.

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