Linking a digital camera to ......

  Les 21:00 26 Aug 2006

a Panasonic DVD Recorder DMR-EX95VEBS. You can of course connect via the phono plugs but what I want is to connect the USB route. I've been looking for a suitable cable - so far with no luck. The camera end is the usual socket - the recorder end is a socket similar to you find on scanners (resembles a tiny slice of bread! g>) - are they made?

  De Marcus™ 21:51 26 Aug 2006

Your recorder has firewire in, is this what you mean?

  Les 23:37 26 Aug 2006

Thanks for your reply.

I was wrong about the size of the DV IN on the recorder - it is very like the USB socket on the Digital Camera BUT smaller, ie:- the camera USB Cable plug looks the same but will not fit) - probably the best thing I can do here is contact the UK brnch of Panasonic for I realise how difficult it is to visualise the plug from my meagre description.

  fazer 13:14 29 Aug 2006


The socket you describe on the DVD recorder is a DV-socket; its not a USB port/socket, and is designed for digital camera's (both still and video). Unless your camera is years old or not digital, you should'nt have a problem connecting both. Did you not have such a cable with the camera?

  Les 21:29 29 Aug 2006

Thanks for your reply. Yes I did have a cable but never used it - you can guess what happened -it went missing! I've had a look at Jessops web site but could't see what I wanted. I'll keep looking - it must be somewhere as I never deliberately throw anything away 8-))

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