LG 4K TV with Time Machine function

  mbc 19:25 26 Jan 2015

Recently bought one of these, but cannot get the Time Machine function to work. Has anyone had success? For those who do not know, this function allows a desktop HDD to be linked to the TV via USB so that it can act like the Sky TV live pause, and also gives the ability to record programmes. Have contacted LG rep and LG support, but am getting conflicting advice. Support say that not all makes of HDD will work, must be compatible, but will not say which make. So far I have tried a WD HDD bought for £60, and a spare Seagate which I had. Neither work. Do they expect customers to keep shelling out until they chance upon a HDD which will work? Support guy also says it can be tricky to set up. Why do they include flaky technology, which can damage their reputation? Would be better not to.

  mbc 21:49 26 Jan 2015


  hydriot 09:16 15 Jun 2015

Having exactly the same problem. I have other non-4K LG TVs where Time Machine works perfectly. I formatted an HDD on one of these and then connected to my 55UB820V but get a message that says this USB device is not suitable. Would like to know if this is a missing feature on this model or whether my particular set is faulty.

  hydriot 18:30 15 Jun 2015

A further posting to my LG 55UB820V problem with Time Machine. I have found the solution. My other non UHD LG TVs required the HDD to be formatted as FAT32 before connection. This would not work on the 55" UHD model. So I tried re-formatting a 2Tb HDD from Western Digital as NTFS instead. This works perfectly now as a Time Machine disk and, unlike with the other models, the LG operating system did not re-format it to its own layout. Hope this helps.

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