As the learned judge asked-What is a Boombox?

  jack 20:17 14 May 2009

Now I have always associated one of those as being a portable cassette/CD player /radio.

And a Google seems to confirm this.
But in a conversation this afternoon it seems it could be something else instead.
A conversation -with a non technical chum went like this.
Chum - 'As you know[addressing me] I do the recording for the blind, and for years it has been carried out on cassette.
I read my bit send it off to a coordinator who gather other folks bits , compiles it and sends the compiled version back for local distribution.
Now things have moved along, and cassette machines are wearing out and cannot be replaced so the info comes back on an SD card and the onward distribution goes out on Memory sticks'
I have this 'Boombox he said onto which I can transfer the copy to the sticks but it does not have the facility to read the SD card- what do I do?'
There he had me flummoxed - a boombox with presumably a USB socket- If such a thing exists then a normal media card reader should the trick - but then I cant grasp the correlation between what is ordinary audio kit and computer stuff.
Is this all to do with MP3 player and the sort of thing- I don't know about them either- Google did not come up with anything like that either.

Suggestions please all you knowledgable ones

  laurie53 07:44 15 May 2009

Why not ask nhim what he means?

  UK Sub 10:33 15 May 2009

Probably something along the lines of this

click here

  jack 10:34 15 May 2009

I you speak to some one who is totally non technical[As i am sure you must he] you will realize very often they do not know the technicalities of the subject to be able to make a cogent response.

  jack 10:39 15 May 2009

That is interesting. that will take thing along a bit.
This would seem to suggest the 'Memory stick- USB drive was the tripping point- He was talking perhaps of a Media card all along - Who knows
Perhaps I will have to go along and take a look at the kit.

  laurie53 20:21 15 May 2009

I think you're overcomplcating the issue.

If he's talking about a boombox simply ask him what it is.

You're not, after all, asking for a full technical specification.

Perhaps, if you're not in close contact, he could send you a picture.

Like many teachers when I was taeching engineering I found that a picture could often replace a ten minute description.

  laurie53 20:27 15 May 2009

"taeching "

Good job I wasn't teaching spelling!

  jack 08:17 16 May 2009

Perhaps, if you're not in close contact, he could send you a picture.

Good idea, but the chap is not of the 'Computery'
Just have to wait until See/hear from him again
It is no great moment.

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