or ariel?

  man of steel11 22:51 26 Jan 2006

i have just purchased a lcd freeview built in tv..the problem coax from my sky box leads to the lcd..the freeview is fine..but the sky channel's are blured..any suggestions?

  kinger 19:42 27 Jan 2006

Are you able to use a SCART cable?

  961 12:03 28 Jan 2006

It may be that the rf signal from one of the boxes (sky or freeview) is trying to use a channel (21-69)that is recieving a signal from the aerial

If you read the instruction books you will find how to change the rf output on each box to a channel that has no signal

You can find such a channel by connecting the aerial co-ax dirctly to the tv leaving the other boxes disconnected

Then scroll through channels 21-69 making a note of those where you simply get a clean screen with no signal

Then adjust the rf outputs on both boxes to ensure they each use one of these channels

  961 12:07 28 Jan 2006

Sorry, I see you have a digital tuner within the tv

The same basic principle applies although the answer may well be to use a scart cable between the sky box and the tv and then watch the sky pictures on AV1 or whatever

Does the tv have an analogue tuner as well?

  DieSse 15:38 28 Jan 2006

If you want to receive stereo sound from your Sky box, then you MUST use a SCART rather than an aerial connection. It will alslo improve the quality of the picture over even a good aerial connection.

You should also have a second SCART from the Sky box to whatever recording device you use (if any).

  man of steel11 17:17 28 Jan 2006

sorry folks i never gave you enough info....the lcd has a built in freeview and the coax is coming from my sky box...up into a booster and into my lcd..i thought buying the booster would improve the sky picture and analog prog's on the has an analog tuner.the picture is fine untill i watch football..then the grass go's all blury..many thx for your support

  Graham ® 17:35 28 Jan 2006

Yes, you will need a Scart lead for Sky. By passing the Sky signal through the booster you are overloading the TV receiver.

  man of steel11 17:43 28 Jan 2006

done that..working great...thx for all your help

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