LCD TV subtitle display position

  TopCat® 18:46 10 Oct 2008

My wife wears digital hearing aids but sometimes still needs TV film subtitles onscreen. Going into town today to view the Panasonic LCDs we are interested in, we found the subtitles were displaying across the centre of the screens. The other TV makes in the store connected to the same digibox displayed in the same position.

The salesman told us it was to do with Sky's transmissions and the digiboxes we are getting our signals from, so there was no way the words could be moved to the bottom of the screen as on our current CRT TVs.

Is he right in saying this please or can the words indeed be moved down on a LCD screen? The wife will be most disappointed if they cannot.

We cannot get a decent terrestrial picture in the location where we live, so Sky is our only option at the moment.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give us on this problem. TC.

  Covergirl 18:59 10 Oct 2008

. . . has subtitles along the bottom of the screen and as far as I know, there's no way to move them.

By the way, any other TV we've had has the subtitles in the same place, along the bottom of the screen. I've never seen subtitles in the centre of the screen - perhaps it's a new thing ?

Anyone else ?

  Covergirl 19:29 10 Oct 2008

. . . got 2 x Panasonic LCDs with Freeview and also got a Daewoo CRT with Freeview, and a freeview box and terrestrial as well.

All subtitles are displayed at the bottom of the screen - never ever seen subtitles in the centre of the screen so perhaps it IS Sky - never had Sky so don't know.

  BRYNIT 19:45 10 Oct 2008

It looks as though it is when you view the channels via your sky box.

I have just Looked at subtitles via terrestrial they are across the bottom. If viewed same channel via Sky box subtitles are shown across center top of screen. I am surprised as it blocks the program you are watching.

  ayrmail 19:56 10 Oct 2008

click here
You may aready have one of these? Sorry if you have, we have one but it is not very good for profoundly deaf people that have a flat loss as my partner has.

  TopCat® 21:44 10 Oct 2008

It looks as though I am stumped on this one! As I state above, we can only get good reception through a satellite dish. I guess I'll have to get onto Sky to discuss this problem and hope they can somehow suggest a way resolve it.


Thank you for the link. It's something else we can discuss in due course. TC.

  ayrmail 23:14 10 Oct 2008

We got ours on permanent loan from the local council sensory loss, I guess every council will have its own way and everyone’s loss is different.

  tonyx1302 21:04 11 Oct 2008

Like your wife, I also wear digi hearing aids and unfortunately there is no solution to the subtitles with digital transmitted stations. With analogue broadcasting it was always on the bottom of the screen and in black and white, but with digital tv it a whole new learning curve! I have as ayrmail's post, a loop system installed in my home and it is just brilliant. I have severe to profound hearing loss and this inductive loop has been a life saver to me for the last ten years or so. I got mine from the RNID ( vat free and about £80)and it took about 30mins to set up which for me being non tech. was a record. My wife also likes it as she can read her book while I listen and watch the footie without disturbing her as she can turn the volume off while I can 'listen' via my loop.
Sorry I cannot be the bringer of better news


  Stuartli 21:49 11 Oct 2008

I've not seen a Panny LCD/plasma TV either which didsplays the subtitles in the centre of the screen.

In fact the subtitles are often switched about by the subtitle writers to avoid blocking important elements in the display, when the initial work is done to create the subtitles.

  TopCat® 13:36 12 Oct 2008

We use two old CRT TVs at the moment in different rooms, so I can watch my programmes without subtitles on - I find myself reading the words most of the time and mentally proofreading them!

Anyway, for the moment it looks as though the wife will have to wait awhile longer for her new TV. We may just get the one set for her to see how she gets on.

I've sent emails to Sky and to Panasonic about the problem and await their replies. I'm hoping the subtitles on the LCD TVs can be moved down as is the case on my daughter's 50 inch plasma screen. Initially, the subtitles on this screen came up centrally positioned but she was able to change this, using the remote controller. I'll post back here again when/if I get confirmation one way or another.


I would think that the subtitles on a DVD film and viewed on a LCD screen would appear as normal at the bottom. When in the TV shop we couldn't confirm this at the time and the subtitles my wife saw were of a none subscription film being broadcast by Sky. It would be interesting to know where the subtitles appear on their subscription film channels. TC.

  tonyx1302 17:32 12 Oct 2008

I have a new Pannie Tv with Freesat already installed and have it connected to a Sky HD+ box and all works very well. The only problem I incur is with the subtitles, which come up all over the place and in different colours sometimes to denote which actor is speaking.If you do get a response from Sky or Panasonic I will be interested in their reply so I would be very grateful if you could keep this post open.
I wish you luck


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