LCD TV Looks out of focus!!

  Mick54 13:38 21 Apr 2008

I have had a Hanspree 37" LCD TV for a while now and It seems to look out of focus. I have juggled with the contrast brightness and other settings but the skin tones always look slightly blurred. I have Virgin media cable tv with box set to rgb and I connected them using a scart with gold plated pins. The response time is 8ms. Is this something to do with it?? Many thanx for any help. Mick.

  Arnie 19:29 29 Apr 2008

Mick, I see no one has replied so far, so here goes.

Has this only been noticed recently?
“the skin tones always look slightly blurred” – Look at some finer detail in the picture. Is this also blurred?
Is the picture better when viewing quality real time news broadcasts?

Many transmissions via Sky and Virgin Media can leave a lot to be desired, especially older transmitted material.

The scart lead gold plated pins or otherwise will not affect the picture focus.
The 8ms response time should only affect fast moving images. A fairly still picture should not be affected.

Maybe the VM box is faulty.
I use VM for my broadband and phone, but I use a wide band chimney mounted aerial for my TV signal.
Is it possible to test the TV on a good terrestrial aerial?

Finally you could ask Hannspree what they think. Their contact details are as follows:

Office 2, Ground Floor West, Workhotel
575-599 Maxted Road
Hemel Hempstead,

Tel: 0871 666 0850
Fax: 0871 666 0854
Warranty hotline: 0871 855 2424


  feb 20:04 29 Apr 2008

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Sorry, couldn't resist!!

  BT 08:03 30 Apr 2008

Do you have to have an RGB input to your TV.
I don't have an LCD TV but do have a VM Box (Samsung).
My TV will accept both RGB and Composite signals via the scart but the RGB signal seems to give a significantly poorer and fuzzier picture than the Composite.

  oresome 13:02 30 Apr 2008


Your description confirms my view of many LCD TV pictures. Skin tones are particularly poor, lacking any shading and detail.

I suspect it's not a fault as such, just the best that can be achieved with standard definition broadcasts and average large screen consumer LCD TVs.

  anskyber 13:58 30 Apr 2008

Hannspree tend to be towards the budget end of the market, depending on which model you buy.

The magazine reviews tend to score them at about 60% (compared with say Sony and Panasonic at upper 80's to lower 90's) The comments tend to conclude they give average picture quality and skin tones come in for special mention.

I suppose I must ask how does your picture compare with the picture you saw in the showroom? If it is noticably worse for the same input (ie something like Freeview v Freeview) then it points to signal problems or perhaps a defective set.

  Al94 23:24 30 Apr 2008

I have yet to see any LCD television that can even start to compare with a CRT television in terms of picture quality excluding HD sources.

  Mick54 14:54 01 May 2008

Many thanx for your comments. You have given me a few ideas to try. My V.M. box is set to RGB at the moment because I thought that was the best signal. I will try it on composite for a while. All the best Mick.

  av freek 21:19 10 Aug 2008

Have you checked that your scart cable is plugged in to AV1 on your TV and that at the back of the V box its Plugged in the the TV out scart socket other wise you wont be sending an RGB signal.

One thing about LCD tv`s is that because there digital they need to convert Anologe signals in to a digital format before a picture can be displayed and this can result in flat colour tones meaning unatural skin tones. the only way to get around this is to have everything digital Via HDMI.

  Mick54 09:51 11 Aug 2008

Hello ppl, I had forgotten about this thread. I don't know if this made a difference because I cannot see a difference when swapping the box setting but I tried composite setting again and the picture does look better. It may be that you just get used to seeing the picture but the skin tones have improved a little. I did tweek the contrast , brightness and colour again as well as the sharpness. Many thanx to you all for the responses. Mick.

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