LCD TV - Help please?

  AngeTheHippy 12:56 14 Aug 2005

Hi Chaps, I'll soon be buying a new TV. I'm very put off by the heat that eminates from Plasma screens, plus the fact that I've learned they cost twice the price to run than LCDs, so have decided on a LCD. I was gonna get a 32" model, there are quite a lot to chose from, but just yesterday I found this on offer click here and was very surprised at the spec and the price. Can I have some advice please, on whether you think this may be a good buy. I would like to know who actually manufactures the thing, and also whether it would be OK to use it for Xbox play.

Thanks a load in advance, and hope you all are well.


  Stuartli 13:48 14 Aug 2005

I've a pal whose just paid around £1,300 for a 32in Sony equivalent, so the price is remarkable; it's the same for the glass TV table as these can be around £250.

You really need to find out who has manufactured the set, but the manufacturer's ID doesn't bring in any results.

However, it closely resembles Acer LCD models and could be produced by Acer or rebadged by another company.

There's a similar set and slightly cheaper price at:

click here

  sidecar sid 14:10 14 Aug 2005

It would appear to made by Tatung

The model number relates to a U.S specification but the product description matches the V30CMTT

click here

Fourth one down.

The reviews are good and the price is excellent, if i was in the market i think i would go for it.

  Stuartli 14:18 14 Aug 2005

The base of the set you mention more closely resembles the Evesham model.

But many such sets are, in fact, produced by specialist manufacturers and rebadged by other compnies under their own name - it's a widely followed practice in the computer products related world.

  AngeTheHippy 14:52 14 Aug 2005

do you think Evesham will mind me asking who makes this TV? Yeah but(noButYeahBut ;) )are Acer or Tatung any good? Do they come close to say, Sony or Philips? What does surprise me is that power consumption of LCDs is roughly HALF that of similar sized Plasmas. Reading the feedback on Eveshams site, all give it a 5-star rating, which can't be sneezed at.

Think I'll start countin me pennies later (after a glass o' wine or two...)and go for this one. Oh yeah, anyone know what a 'Three year swap out warranty' is? Oh yeah, how about Xbox use?


  AngeTheHippy 14:55 14 Aug 2005

Would I be able to add those cinema speaker kits to it, even though it has it's own speakers??

  DieSse 15:26 14 Aug 2005

This is an Evesham site, as is clearly identified in several places - that's why they're selling Evesham products!

  DieSse 15:33 14 Aug 2005

" Would I be able to add those cinema speaker kits to it, even though it has it's own speakers??"

If you look at the specifications page, it shows left and right stereo outputs. If the cinema sound system you have or choose can work from these (ie includes a surround sound decoder/amplifier) then you're OK. A simple speaker kit that requires a full set of outputs will not.

  Completealias 15:35 14 Aug 2005

At a guess I'd say a 3yr swap out warrenty would mean if the unit developes a fault they will swap it with a replacement.

You probably be best to email Evesham to find out exactly what is covered thou.

  Completealias 15:39 14 Aug 2005

Looking at the picture you have a set of audio out an a audio in my guess would be you can take the audio out into your amp/decoder and then have the speakers running off of this.

  AngeTheHippy 15:40 14 Aug 2005

yep - you're right, it IS Evesham - and it is their site, but as far as I'm aware, they don't actually manufacture ANYTHING, so I am interested that it's not made by joe-bloggs-around-the-corner. It would be a cinema sound system I'd be buying, so thats good then.

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