LCD tv

  gav7282 14:15 06 May 2007

I need to buy a new tv. I can buy a widescreen tv as I just want a large screen tv with widescreen, but the tv would be too bulky if moved around. I am looking into LCD tv's also.

I won't be buying it for HD, HD DVD or next gen gaming, and will be using a VCR with it, but I don't want a bulky tv.

I have seen some non HD LCD tv's, but the picture on
them looks poor even compared to CRT. Is it worthwhile buying a non HD LCD tv for watching videos, dvd playback and non HD games consoles, is the picture going to be worse than a standard CRT widescreen tv using a scart socket?

  ashdav 20:37 07 May 2007

All large screen TVs look poor because the signal they are fed with wasn't designed to be viewed at 40 odd inches across.
All you are doing is watching the flaws.
If you watch a VCR on them they will look terrible unless you sit a long way back then that defeats the whole point of having a big telly.

  gav7282 21:36 07 May 2007

I've read since that it depends on the tv. The ones
I looked at looked poor compared to my normal CRT widescreen tv. I appreciate that DVD's look better
on LCD tv's, but I've also read that analogue scart
isn't that great on an LCD compared to CRT, for videos and games consoles. The TV's I looked at were only 20-26 inch tv's at the lower end of the
market, which compare with CRT tv prices.

  ashdav 23:36 07 May 2007

At that size you should be ok but you will only get the quality you pay for.
Try to have a look at the model you want before you purchase.
They ain't cheap for nothing...

  ashdav 23:38 07 May 2007

One important point,if you go into a shop get them to display a tv signal not a dvd.
This will give you a better idea of what the picture will look like.

  gav7282 00:36 08 May 2007

Thanks, this is exactly as I thought, the lower priced LCD tv's did look very poor with a tv signal. In this case I think it's better to stick to SDTV for the time being if I don't want HD for anything.

Thanks anyway.

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