Laptop to TV connection

  AliSmith 10:21 11 Sep 2008

I want to connect my laptop to my TV. I have bought a Aver-KeyLite, and this works fine to show the laptop output during the boot up process, but when Windows itself starts up I lose the TV display. Cable-wise, I am going from video and audio on the laptop to Composite on the TV. I tried starting up my laptop in VGA mode which then worked OK, but as soon as I tried changing resolution I lost the TV display again. What have I missed? I have ordered a S-video cable, but I don't feel this will really help as the laptop seems to be not sending any signal from Windows.

Any ideas?

  jack 10:57 11 Sep 2008

Depending on your set up you may have to locate a Alt or CTRL key to switch displays- these can be indicated on the front edge of any key- is my thinking straight here?

  AliSmith 11:05 11 Sep 2008

Hi, thanks for the response. In fact I can toggle displays, but when I toggle from the Laptop LCD display to the VGA output, the Laptop goes blank (as I would expect), but unfortunately the TV remains blank as well! I should perhaps mention that I have a TV-out port on my Laptop, but I'm not using that, as I don't (as yet) have a S-Video cable. And it seems to be 7-pin anyway, while all the cables I've looked at seem to be 4-pin.

  bobbybowls 17:57 11 Sep 2008

look at the settings for your graphics card.

  AliSmith 18:47 11 Sep 2008

Yes, I have looked at that, and there is a 'force TV detection' flag, which I've tried setting, but it still makes no difference. I wonder if that's causing the driver to look to the TV-OUT port?

  bobbybowls 21:33 11 Sep 2008

you say the laptop screen goes blank? on mine i have 3 options, tv only, clone (tv and laptop same screen) or stretch (half screen on tv half on laptop). the default setting is tv only. have you tried the other settings? post the laptop model it might help if someone has the same laptop.

  sean-278262 22:10 11 Sep 2008

Have you checked what channel the TV is set to. Usually you need to use a scart channel or EXT channel.

  AliSmith 22:32 11 Sep 2008

Yes, I have tried all the various options. The laptop screen goes blank when I toggle display to an external monitor. If I just try the 'clone' option, then nothing happens, the lcd screen stays as normal, the TV does nothing. This is an Evesham laptop, using an ATI graphics processor, which I control using the ATI Catalyst Control Centre.

  AliSmith 22:33 11 Sep 2008

I have set the TV to the correct input channel, as designated in the manual.

  AliSmith 14:45 13 Sep 2008

With a 4-pin S-video cable from my (7-pin) TV-OUT socket on my laptop, it all works fine, so I'm happy now. Thanks to all for the replies.

  ambra4 01:57 21 Sep 2008

“This works fine to show the laptop output during the boot up process, but when Windows itself starts up I lose the TV display”

You have to set laptop to show both laptop and external display, if just set to external display only,

the display will default back to the laptop screen next time you reboot the laptop

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