Laptop to TV connection

  lostguy 00:51 17 Mar 2008

Now I want to watch movies on my TV rather than my smaller laptop screen. Now neither my laptop or TV has an S-Video input. So I thought of VGA to RCA(yellow, white, red) connection but heard this was rubbish and doesn't work. I was thinking of buying a VGA to Video(s-video) convertor box as i saw here: click here
and then using this kit to connect it all together: click here
My question is, would this work?

  MCE2K5 04:09 17 Mar 2008

This click here Will do it, Recomended it before, AverMedia AverKey Lite PC to TV Converter (VGA to Video), 7 in Stock.

  lostguy 05:58 17 Mar 2008

I would still need the second item? As my TV has not got a S Video input, would it work together by having the item in the second link work along with your sugestion? Is it possible to convert scart to s video?

  MCE2K5 18:59 17 Mar 2008

You don't need that cable, If you have got the RCA(yellow, white, red) sockets on your TV.

"So I thought of VGA to RCA(yellow, white, red) connection but heard this was rubbish and doesn't work": I think you were wrongly informed, The RCA connectors are not rubbish, I use them all the time.

In a book I have it lists connections like this,

1: S-Video = Best
2: Scart = Better
3: RCA = Good

  lostguy 20:42 17 Mar 2008

But if I had that cable in your list as show, I would have a better picture with s video than the RCA?

  MCE2K5 20:51 17 Mar 2008

Yes if it was a Direct S-Video to S-Video.

  danssolution 16:48 02 Jun 2008

hey folks. Im having trouble connecting my laptop to my tv. im connecting the s-video output from my laptop to the s-video input to my tv and it runs on av3 to get the picture. the audio is coming out from my stereo output from my laptop into the tv using red and white phono. I can get the picture on the tv screen, however it is only in BLACK AND WHITE! does anyone know how to get the colour to run on the tv? thanks

  sean-278262 18:54 02 Jun 2008

You will need to invest in a scart block. In most packs for the S-video leads a scart block will be provided. PS2s and PS3s also come with them so you may have one spare. I have also seen them in pound shops in the past.

What you are after is one of click here

If this is connecting to a HDTV then dont expect a lot.

On a final note you should have taken out your own tread in future as this causes less confusion.


  The Potter 19:05 16 Jun 2008

Hope it's OK to follow on here as it's the same subject. I think this is maybe a cheaper version of what is in the link in MCE's first post

click here

Is my understanding as follows correct? If not I guess I'd have to go back to MCE's link:

1.Use enclosed cable to go from monitor socket on computer to corresponding socket on adaptor
2. Use video type cable to connect adapter to TV

I doubt I'm correct as it seems so easy and sorry I don't know the cable names. We would want it for viewing the internet on the TV.


  bekkidewis 22:22 18 Sep 2008

I am trying to run a karaoke from the laptop, but cannot get the laptop screen and tv screen to work together. anybody have any ideas.... laptop is a toshiba.

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