Lap top without graphic card

  golfpro 09:44 04 Jan 2007

Where I live there are at the moment, a few Lap top's up for sale quite cheap, billed as "Business Note books". However they don't have a graphics card installed. One is the IBM R60e. 1.6 GHz, 512 MB RAM and 60GB HD
What sort of limitations would there be without a GC, and could one be fitted to this model at a later date if needed.

  jack 10:39 04 Jan 2007

That does not ring true.
A computer without a graphics card cannot 'talk' to a display.
Laptops have a display and if it is working then it has a 'graphics card'
As it happens of course , all laptops/notebooks
graphics are integrated in the motherboard.there is therefore no way graphics can be modified or or removed or anything else.

  golfpro 11:02 04 Jan 2007

I was only quoting what the sales "boy" told me. Having checked the spec of this model from a different shop, I see that it has a Graphics chip (max. 128 MB) installed.
They are on sale for Euros 499 (336 pounds) at the moment.

  jack 17:08 04 Jan 2007

I was only quoting what the sales "boy" told me.
Well there you go- Was this PCW or Curry's?

  jack 22:37 04 Jan 2007

A thought

Many current Lappies have a MEDIA card reader built in now. Some times called a Graphics card reader..
So that camera images can be uploaded.
Is it possible you advisor was alluding to that fact that theses particular machines were not so equipped?

  sean-278262 01:15 05 Jan 2007

Without a dedicated graphics your computer would not be capable of playing the latest games. However for general use such as word processing and the internet an intergrated card would be fine. Spending more to get a dedicated card will result in much better graphics result and in general a much higher resale value to the machine as it is an ideal machine to more people.

Ideally for that price what you mention is a perfectly priced. I have purchased an r50e the model before this and was a good machine.

However Jack is not correct in his description. In the models you will look at (very few differ from this) an on board card is made into the motherboard as a part of its construction. In dedicated cards it is bonded as a separate part to the motherboard but in general non upgradeable.

  golfpro 08:15 05 Jan 2007

"I was only quoting what the sales "boy" told me.
Well there you go- Was this PCW or Curry's?"

Non of these, although it was a large electrical supplier near to me, who's very young staff seem to change quite regularly. I live in Austria.

  jack 12:22 05 Jan 2007

Just to clear the air
Creature of the Nite- Notebooks are being referred to here - read my post in that context - your comments are muddying the water

GolfPro my last post may be apposite- the sales person was possibly referring to a lack of Media Card Reader not graphics[that is display] as such

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