Kodak Easyshare batteries flat but they're not?

  Dipso 15:39 16 Dec 2006

Does anyone know of any problem with this range of camera and misreading the battery's charge?

I have a DX4330 which came with a Kodak battery pack when I first got it. It worked fine with this and when it ran out I used NiMH rechargeables which worked OK at first, but I didn't get much out of them.

More recently I found every time I switched the camera on the low battery sign was coming on. I recharge the batteries but the next time I reach it out they are low again.

The last time I did this I was so sure the batteries must be OK that I tried them in my SatNav which said they were at full capacity and they worked perfectly.

I've checked the Kodak site for advice of firmware to correct the problem but to no avail.

A friend of mine has a Kodak Easyshare too (different model) and his does the same.

Can anyone offer any advice, if repair is the only option then I'll just replace the camera, so suggestions for a replacement would be appreciated. Preferably I'd like to replace with a camera that takes SD memory.

  Arnie 18:12 16 Dec 2006

“More recently I found every time I switched the camera on the low battery sign was coming on”.

Does the camera work ok in spite of this low battery indication?
If so, just carry a spare set of recharged batteries. If not, forget about a Kodak repair, they start around £90.
That’s why I have a Kodak CX 7530 with a damaged LCD display not being used. It works fine if I just use the viewfinder and set it on auto. A bit like a film camera I suppose.

  oresome 20:48 16 Dec 2006

I had similar problems with my Fuji S7000 camera which takes AA NiMH batteries.

I purchased two sets of four with the camera and they have only been recharged a dozens times or so. Yet either set recently showed a low battery warning within a couple of days of fitting after fully charging.

Before doing anything else, I've replaced the batteries and the problem is solved.

Batteries were Jessops own brand.

  Dipso 21:44 16 Dec 2006

Thanks both.

Arnie - At first I disregarded the low battery light and could get a few more photos but now I'm lucky if I can get it to power up at all before switching off.

oresome - I have 3 different brands of batteries and have tried them all and get the same results with all. I've considered buying more or even another Kodak dedicated battery but it would be a waste of money if it turns out the fault's with the camera.

I suspected the cost of repair to be almost the cost of replacing so I think that's what I'll have to do, I'm missing too many precious photo opportunities.

Won't be buying another Kodak though that's for sure!

  De Marcus™ 22:51 16 Dec 2006

Which Kodak model?

  Dipso 23:39 16 Dec 2006


  Arnie 00:14 17 Dec 2006

though that's for sure!”

Neither will I.
When I rang Kodak I was quoted £90 to replace the LCD display on my CX 7530 camera.
When I queried the cost, they reduced it to £40 and said they would be in touch.
They didn’t contact me and when I rang them again, I was told that it was £90 after all.

I was told by an ex Kodak technician that the LCD displays cost Kodak peanuts. Also how long would it take an experienced technician to change the display?

I stripped down the camera and checked the LCD just to make sure it was making contact with its mounting strip. It took me 15mins to check and replace it with watchmakers screwdrivers and tweezers.

As a matter of interest, I also defeated the battery detect microswitch. I can now use two standard NiMH batteries, (cells for the pedantic) instead of the expensive linked battery arrangement.

Another way is to simply slide a piece of card in with two standard batteries. This will also defeat the microswitch.
Only attempt this if the camera is out of guarantee.

I know the company have to make a profit but it was only a few pounds more to buy a Canon A400, so this is what I did.
A little while later I also bought a Canon PowerShot A610. This has a fold away LCD screen for protection. Argos were selling them for half price a few months ago.

  Dipso 00:40 17 Dec 2006

Hi Arnie,

I have sacked the Kodak and am seriously considering a Samsung Cyber 530 which I can get from Comet with discount for £55.99. It's 5 megapixels, which although isn't the most up to date on the market, is enough for me and is an improvement on the Kodak in any case. It also takes SD memeory which I have and I hada Samsung before the Kodak and was very happy with it.

I have it reserved 'til Monday in case I see
a better offer.

  Arnie 10:42 17 Dec 2006

Hello Dipso.
I’ve tried to find a good review for the camera you seem to have chosen, there’s not much info on it.
Samsung’s website is not the best to negotiate, it’s very cluttered.

The camera comes with a standard 2year warranty. Overall you can’t go wrong at that price.
If you can get the camera for £55.99 it must be good value for money.

Comet price is stated as £69.99.
Have you a fairy godmother? :o)

click here

I notice it is not fitted with the excellent Schneider Kreuznach lens often seen in Samsung’s cameras.

  Dipso 15:26 17 Dec 2006

Hi Arnie,

I realise it's not as good as the Digimax range but money is tight and I wasn't expecting to have to buy another camera so soon. Like you say the price isn't bad and the 2 year warranty isn't to be sniffed at.

There's a 20% discount code on the Comet homepage which when appled knocks a further £14 off :)

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