Mark5001 16:53 23 Jun 2007

Hi all. I need to find a high capacity battery for this camcorder. I have two standard batteries that only last around 90 mins each whereas the high capacity ones have four hours plus. I have googled and e-bayed for them but to no avail.JVC have them at £90.00 but I would like a cheaper one if poss. The part numbers are BN-VF815U or BN-VF823U. There are compatible ones out there but I just would not know where to start looking.

  Stuartli 23:26 23 Jun 2007

Not many seem to be aware of the camcorder or have compatible batteries. If you are prepared to deal with Pixmania.....

click here

  Mark5001 09:34 24 Jun 2007

We can always rely on some great person to find what we want. What does the comment "If you are prepared to deal with Pixmania....." mean? Are they bad to deal with?

  Stuartli 10:31 24 Jun 2007

Pixmania is based in France despite appearances to the contrary.

One of several threads on the company:

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