iTunes 7.0 sound quality

  Kate B 15:29 13 Sep 2006

Argh, just installed the update and all my sound files sound terrible. They're fine in WMP, but I loathe WMP; and they were fine in the previous version of iTunes. Anyone got any thoughts, and most importantly a suggestion as to where I could download the .exe file of an earlier version of iTunes?

  Kate B 15:47 13 Sep 2006

It's not just me, it seems

click here

  brundle 15:57 13 Sep 2006

earlier version(s); click here

  Kate B 16:00 13 Sep 2006

Thanks, brundle, much appreciated.

  powerless 16:11 13 Sep 2006

Must only effect the Windows Version, the Mac version is flawless!

Not actually opened up v7 on Windows yet.

  golfpro 09:36 14 Sep 2006

Many people have been having problems with the new itunes update (Version 7). I would stick to the old version until they have sorted out the bugs, and believe me there are bugs, lots of them.

"Must only effect the Windows Version, the Mac version is flawless!"

Well it would wouldn't it!!!

  Kate B 13:11 14 Sep 2006

There are problems with the Mac version, too

click here

  powerless 17:51 14 Sep 2006

Not here I might add.

  ^wave^ 10:23 19 Sep 2006

i am using windows xp sp2 upgraded a few days ago no problems so far but i do use aac.

  Kate B 10:32 19 Sep 2006

Most of my files are AAC, too.

  ^wave^ 14:24 19 Sep 2006

lots of links on the itunes disscussion site about ver7 and how to back

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