Is it possible to defrag SKY+ box?

  Nuneatonian 16:16 25 Nov 2006

Hi all
Is it possible to defrag a SKY+. We have had problems with recording problems, juddering and sound distortion on playback. We have heard it cleans the disk up a bit. Would it wipe kept or "reminder" programmes?

Thanks in advance

  martd77 16:31 25 Nov 2006

Look in the manual it will show how to do a "rebuild" as far as i know this will format the drive and rebuild the program planner thus deleting any saved programs

  rodriguez 02:56 26 Nov 2006

You can't defrag the drive I don't think. As martd77 suggested you can do a rebuild, but this will basically reformat the disk to how it was when the box was new. A Sky+ box isn't a PC and you can't do a lot of the things with it's drive that you can with a PC. There have been a lot of problems with Sky+ boxes breaking down (highlighted on Watchdog a couple of weeks ago), which I think is mostly to do with how they work. A Sky+ box will constantly write to the disk when switched on - this enables the rewind and pausing of live TV - and this causes a lot of wear and tear. Also a lot of the Sky+ drives are Maxtor, and Maxtor drives have a history of wearing out (we dealt with them at work and when a PC's drive failed, it would usually be a Maxtor). I'm currently on my third box in 18 months and the one I have now is an Amstrad (last 2 were Pace) and it freezes up occasionally. IMO the Sky+ boxes are relativly poor quality and you might want to get an engineer out to swap it over.

  Truespirit 11:54 26 Nov 2006

click here

There is a forum where all your answers can be found
concerning Sky equipment.

  Stuartli 14:56 26 Nov 2006

As far as I am aware a Sky+ box uses a standard internal hard drive (I may well be wrong!), so it could be worth swapping the installed model for a new drive - perhaps even a higher capacity...:-)

I don't know if you own the Sky+ box but, if it ever had to be returned, it would presumably be fairly easy to swap the drives again.

  rodriguez 16:25 26 Nov 2006

The Sky+ drives are encrypted I think and may use a different file system - you can't access it's contents with a PC anyway unless you have the software to mount it. It is possible to swap the drives though - I think you plug the new one in as raw and the box will format it to the appropriate system.

  2neat 23:45 27 Nov 2006
  J B 10:45 28 Nov 2006

I had trouble with my sky + box in the past and the following put it right. Give it a try.

Procedure for cleaning and rebooting Sky + Set

1. Turn off Sky + Box.
2. Select the Services Button
3. Select Option 4
4. Type in 0-1-Select
5. Select LNB Set Up
6. Select #7 Planner Rebuild
7. When the above is complete, disconnect Box from the mains for a period 2 Minutes
8. Plug the Box back into the mains and boot up ( approx. 2 minutes)
9. After reboot, check to insure that the record feature of the box will record.
10. Check that what you recorded did in fact record and play back properly. If so erase what you have recorded and exit.

This should help. J.B.

  2neat 17:06 22 Dec 2006
  2neat 17:44 22 Dec 2006

Ooops ment to post click here hehe

  tasslehoff burrfoot 00:09 28 Dec 2006

defragging isn't going to help. Sounds like a dodgy hard drive to me, but they're pretty simple to change if you're out of warranty.

I don't have sky+, but assume each recording is one contiguous file. Recording the broadcast stream makes for some pretty *huge* files. Absolutely no point in defragging

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