iPod touch rip off

  golfpro 09:19 17 Sep 2009

Is the iPod touch a rip off or what? I mean for the price of the 32Gb version I could buy a superb Net Book, which would give me a hell of lot more than the iPod would. After all what is it, an iPod that you can send and receive emails with nothing more. You can't even use mobile Internet access (it doesn't have a USB port). So what use is it accept you can carry it in your pocket, Big Deal!

  Forum Editor 18:33 21 Sep 2009

You either think it's an attractive proposition or you don't, but if you don't that doesn't make it a rip-off.

  golfpro 05:28 22 Sep 2009

OK I retract my somewhat harsh statement of "Rip-Off", however I think that with the information that Apple produces with each new product it leaves a big gap for the prospective purchaser to Analise weather this is an attractive proposition or not, its only after you have bought it you start to find out its foibles. There are lots of failures not just in this (iTouch), but in many of its other products, I won't go into them in detail the list is too long, not being able to change the battery yourself in the iPods, iTouch and iPhone is one. I would have like to see Apple address these and possibly update their iPhone and possibly a reasonably priced Net-Book, rather than bring out another down grade which I consider this as. I am sure they could have. Come on Apple most of your products are damn good its a pity you fall down on things like this.

  dagnammit 23:19 24 Sep 2009

You get what you pay for... on a technological level I don't think the iPhone is good value, I think the opposite - it's hugely overpriced.. However it's more the brand image you're paying for. Gucci or whatever of the tech world.

Any other manufacturer like Nokia for instance produced a phone the same spec as the iPhone and slapped a £550 price tag on it would soon dive. In reality they produced a touch screen phone that offers more than the iPhone for £199!

Upgradable memory, removable battery and an open OS to adapt to your liking, GPS, surround speakers, dedicated music processor etc (Nokia 5800)

  jimmybond 00:17 26 Sep 2009

"you get what you pay for"....ok, but then you go on to seemingly argue that you don't actually, as a £540 iphone is worse than a £200 Nokia ;-)

upgradeable memory? yeah great you can upgrade from the included 8Gb, to a maximum of 16Gb. The iphone comes with 32Gb.

I've used both the 5800 and an iphone, sure iphone has weak points but nothing comes close in terms of mutimedia player and web browser....in fact the browser experience and interface are worth the extra cost alone.

Technical Specs aren't the whole story, really the iphone is still ahead in terms of quality workmanship, user interface and the fact it's so much more a joy to use than any other, in my opinion. Wouldn't go back to a plasticy resistive touch screen after using the iphones lush, capacitative glass screen.

  golfpro 05:13 26 Sep 2009

£540?? The cheapest 32GB iphone I can find will cost me 895 Euro (£819) and that's on contract with Orange (locked), I can't even find one unlocked at any price. The 16GB unlocked is almost 1000 Euro WOW. Now that's a bargain???

Oh and don't forget the very expensive package deals that seem to come with all the Apple iphones. Way out of my league I'm afraid. After all it's still only a telephone.

  jimmybond 12:10 26 Sep 2009

admittedly you need some seriously good researching skills and insider knowledge to find the 32Gb at 540. Here's how I did it.
Type Apple uk into google. click on the 1st link to go to the apple uk store. See up there in the left-hand corner - iphone 3GS = £440 (16gb). hey presto :-)

"Oh and don't forget the very expensive package deals that seem to come with all the Apple iphones"

£35 a month doesn't seem overly expensive to me for unlimited browsing, use of BTOpenzone/Cloud wi-fi, 600 minutes and 500 texts???

  jimmybond 12:32 26 Sep 2009

Please tell me you don't work as an insurance broker/mortgage advisor or anything similar ;-) £819 on contract with Orange? You can only get the iPhone on O2 in the UK. The cheapest you can get it there on contract is £179 (24 month contract). or £279 (18 month contract).

  dagnammit 13:09 26 Sep 2009

As he's quoting Euros I don't think he's in the UK.

The Nokia 5800 is a sub £200 phone that offers a huge amount. So what if the outter casing is plastic. It's rugged and won't explode when you drop it... lots of youtube videos on just how this tough phone is. The screen won't crack when sit down with it in your pocket, it won't overheat either.

The interface is fully customisable, the web browser built in is more than functional - I have no problem with it. Don't like the built in one? Then install another of your choice. Don't like the built in email app? Install another one of your choice.... I could go on forever with that argument.

Camera? Nokia wins. 3.15mp, Carl Zeiss optics, Flash.

iPhone screen? 16M colors, res. 320 x 480 pixels.

5800 screen? 16M colors, res. 360 x 640 pixels.

Freedom of use, huge features and affordabe versus a locked up piece of last years tech in a snazzy cover at mortgage your house prices?

I'll take freedom of use, huge features and affordabe each and every time.

  jimmybond 13:50 26 Sep 2009

even if he isn't In the uk, I find it hard to believe that in what some people affectionately know as 'rip off britain', you get get an iPhone for £179 on contract, whereas some other unknown European country charges a minimum of £879 equivalent for it.
P.s. I'd imagine it's possible to crack the iPhone screen in your pocket, yes- but only if you leave it in your back pocket, weigh 20stone and jump onto a hard surface . If you manage to crack an iPhone screen in this way, you shouldn't be let loose with expensive technology in 1st place. Far
more likely is if you have a plastic screen it's covered on horrible scratches within a weeks use.

  golfpro 13:52 26 Sep 2009

You are correct I am not in the UK, I live in Austria. Yes I can get the iphone from Orange cheap on contract but then I wouldn't have the freedom of choice for the package I require. Or are all the packages from Apple, allocated to the dedicated suppliers of the iphone?

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