iPod + musicmatch

  tonyx1302 20:23 12 Sep 2005

I want to use itunes to transfer cd's to my iPod instead of musicmatch which I have used in the past without much success.
Should I delete the software that came with the pod and includes musicmatch before downloading itunes.Also does itunes automatically transfer cd's from the itunes library to my pod or does it need my ipod software on the pc.
Thanks for any help


  tonyx1302 20:43 12 Sep 2005

Anyone please! Also I have just put my first cd's into the itunes library but cannot find what to click to transfer them to my ipod.
Thanks in anticipation


  Kaacee 21:18 12 Sep 2005

Once you have put the tunes into the library, connect the iPod it will transfer them onto it by default

  Kaacee 21:19 12 Sep 2005

I belive you need the iPod software installed first

  tonyx1302 21:25 12 Sep 2005

Thanks Gudlucker. I'm still importing cd's to the intunes library so will post back tomorrow and let you know how I get on. I have left the ipod s.ware on my pc at present


  brambles 21:28 12 Sep 2005

I would recommend you download the latest iTunes software Version 5 - this will be a later version that came with your iPod.

Make sure you've downloaded all the CD's you want into your library.

Now as Goodlucker says just connect your iPod to the PCand everything in your Library will be synchronised & downloaded to it.


  brambles 21:30 12 Sep 2005

No need to delete any existing iTunes software - Version 5 will merely update it.


  tonyx1302 21:39 12 Sep 2005

Hi Brambles. Thanks for your imput. I downloaded iTunes and it was version 5 as you suggested,
but do I still need the ipod software which includes musicmatch that I installed 8 months ago on my pc when I brought it or can I delete it all.
A previous post from Gudlucker suggests that I need the original ipod software to transfers cd's from iTunes to ipod.




  Lead 06:23 13 Sep 2005

Remove Musicmatch, you don't need it.

Any current iTunes software will simply be updated with the more recent download.

I can't remember exactly what the iPod CD contained. (It's been a couple of years since I ever used it.) I think there may have been a firware updating utility, but there is always a more up to date version available on their website. So I'd remove it all.

All you need is iTunes and your iPod.

  tonyx1302 09:27 13 Sep 2005

Thanks Lead. Have done as you suggested and removed M/match.


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